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Tips to Get Your House Ready to Sell

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The process of selling a home begins with adorning it to make it look tempting and alluring!  The buyer must be head over heels in love with your property to be happily willing to pay the asking price, and grab the house keys earnestly! This could be every seller’s dream, isn’t it? But is your home that attractive? Is your home really worthy of the amount you are asking for it?

Whenever you want to know if your home would be appealing to the customer or not, just do this trick! Keep yourself in the shoes of the purchaser and imagine why would you be buying a house in the first place? What are the things that attract you, and which factors of the home repel you! That is when you’ll get an idea as to which areas of your house you have to concentrate on to get a good resale value! No buyer shall invest without a proper property inspection. Make sure you house passes that test.

Pay Close Attention to these Sections for Better Price for Your Place!

It’s easy to advertise on a newspaper or on a property related website, or even engage a property agent to assist you to sell your house, quoting the price of your dreams for the buyers! But it becomes really difficult to get them actually pay the same and buy it. Wondering why? Mostly because of two reasons – one, your house has emotional value for you, and the asking price somehow gets fixed from the heart (and not the head!); and two, your house may not be as appealing as you think it to be.

For these two problems, we have two solutions too! One, engage a real estate market expert, who shall walk through the house and assess the actual market price of the property. Two, depersonalise your property – You may have done a lot to turn the house into your home, now it’s time to reverse that to assist potential buyers picture themselves in that property (and not see it as your home). Declutter (rent storage units if needed), eradicate mess my pets (every buyer may not be a pet lover!), add lights to brighten it up – in other words – stage your property for the impending sale. This would also emotionally prepare you to move.

Now coming to the handiwork your house needs to dress up for the sale --
  • Paint it Beautiful — You would be well aware of the charisma of a magic brush! It can rejuvenate the entire look of a property. Just spend a little, and give your home  a new look by getting them painted by the amazing painters in West Auckland from Kyan Painters, who do a fabulous job in perfectly painting the interiors and exteriors of the house with their expertise. They won’t even cost you much for the same, as they offer the best plans in competitive pricing for you. A fresh coat of paint can make any properly sparkling new.
  • Fix the Skeletal Structures (drain pipes, electric wiring, etc) —Remember, your house is  going to be inspected and the major factors that a property inspector would report are issues in faulty electrical or plumbing circuits.! Hire an electrician and plumber who would guide you and fix the problems too. The money you spend will come back to you with interest when you sell.
  • Special Attention to Leakages — Leakages can be disastrous! They can destroy the look and strength of any property in no time. You wouldn’t want to deceive your buyer! So, it’s better to get it fixed as soon as possible, and do so before painting if possible. Check for the roof area and the walls properly to make sure no possibility of water leakage remains.
  • Gutters and Septic Systems Cleaned —Your gutters and septic systems can be real game spoilers! Imagine if the customer is bowled over by your house, and suddenly a strange smell horrifies them?! It would turn them off for sure and end the chance of any deal. So, get the gutters cleaned, the septic system maintained and repaired before the customer comes in to check the place.
  • Wash the Entire Place — If your outer space of the house was recently painted, you need not paint it. Just making it look clean and fresh can do the trick. Go for pressure washing the entire outer area. From the garage to the gardens, from the wooden decks to the windows, from roof to floor, get it all washed with a forceful splash of water. This will wash away all the dust, rust and dirt away from the property and your house would look sparklingly smashing.

Oh, while you are at it, don’t forget to add some curb appeal! Remember that your front-yard is the first thing your buyers would see! The main criterion is to give your customers the best first impression of your house, and then keep up to their expectations all through the house, so that they would be ready to give you a good value for it! 

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