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Tips To Help ‘Work From Home’ Professionals Keep Their Eyes Healthy

  • Are you a corporate professional that is sitting long hours in front of a computer and experiencing eye strains?
  • Is being exposed to the computer screen for long hours leading to headaches, dryness, itching, blurry vision, and more?
  • Have you spoken to an expert to help you maintain your eye health while you are working from home?

A lot of us miss the blend of physical office work and staring into computers in the pandemic era. Earlier, corporate professionals could manage their screen times better. Meetings, discussions, and presentations did not require them to stare into computer screens at all times. 

However, as the world shifted to a work from home model, we are dependent on our computers for everything. Physical meetings have been replaced by Zoom ones. This means that for acts and purposes, we are using our screens. 

This has given rise to a condition known as ‘Computer Vision Syndrome’. This takes place when long hours in front of screens lead to severe eye strains. This then results in eye problems like dryness, itchiness, redness, blurry vision, and so on. 

In this resource article, we take help from leading eye doctors at we ask them to list down tips that can help corporate professionals take care of their eyes. 

List of 3 tips to help work from home professionals keep their eyes healthy

Step 1- Follow the 20-20-20 eye exercise regimen

Leading eye doctors state that corporate professionals might not have a lot of time on their hands. To overcome the same, they suggest something simple and doable. 

They recommend that professionals should move their eyes from their screens every twenty minutes. Following this, they should look at an object situated at a distance of twenty feet for at least twenty seconds. 

Looking into objects in the distance helps to increase the potency of the eyes. This is a simple exercise that can deliver great results. It will give the much-needed break to your eyes. 

Step 2- Keeping the body and eyes adequately hydrated at all times

Eyes naturally lubricate themselves every time you blink. However, if you are concentrating hard on the computer screen, you might not be able to do so. 

This is why it is important that you drink a lot of water while you work. Secondly, there are plenty of eye drops available in the market that you can pour into your eyes to help them stay hydrated during breaks. 

This helps the eyes naturally recover and regenerate themselves. Getting into the habit of using eye drops will help compensate for no blinking screen times. 

Step 3- Checking in with an eye doctor at regular intervals

Eye problems can escalate quickly. One day you might be experiencing redness, the next day your eyes start to itch. If you are not taking care of your eyes, it will affect your work performance. 

This is why a smart idea would be to schedule regular check-ups with the doctors. They will be able to identify if there are any lurking problems in your eyes. Proper medication and early diagnosis can help you prevent any serious issues. 

A doctor will also be able to help prescribe eye drops, types of glass lenses, and protections that you can use to protect the eyes from the screen light. 

Healthy daily habits can help you take proper care of your eyes

Doctors suggest that professionals need to maintain some healthy habits to help protect their eyes. Let us look at some of the healthy habits in this section- 

  • Looking into your computer screen might be a work compulsion that you have to fulfill. However, you can balance screen usage by limiting the time you spend leisurely on your smartphones. 
  • It is a good idea to be physically active and go on regular walks to the park. If you have a dog, walk them both in the morning as well as in the evening. This will help you look at greenery and at distant objects. 
  • Experts also recommend creating tech-free zones in the house. For example, your bedroom can be a place where you do not pick up gadgets. Or, you can also fix hours and timings that regulate the use of devices. 

The Bottom Line

It is essential that we follow tips and steps that can help us take care of our eyes. There is a reason why you see a lot of young people wearing glasses these days as compared to their parents or grandparents. While technology can do a lot of good, unhealthy consumption and usage can lead to health problems. 

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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