Monday, December 11, 2023
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Tips to Help You to Improve Communication in Your Workplace

Effective communication is essential in almost all aspects of both personal and professional lives. Effective communication enhances your happiness and success. Just as communication is vital to a relationship, the same way it is essential for the coordination and operations of both large and small businesses. 


The effectiveness of a company’s internal communication plays a vital role in the progress of the business. The following are some of the ways that can help you to improve communication in your business. 

1. Ensure that you check in with the employees

As a business owner, manager or leader, you should practice checking in with your employees on a regular basis. Consider meeting with your workers regularly either online or one-on-one to share with them the ideas, thoughts, complaints, and recommendations that they may have about the firm. Also, share with them things about their tasks, projects and every undertaking. Everyone wants to be listened to when sharing an idea or thought and your employees are not an exception. Checking in with them will help them to feel comfortable in their various positions. It will also empower them hence bringing in the necessary internal communication at your workplace.

2. Implement the use of a social intranet software for your workers

Social intranet software is one of the essential requirements that every business needs for it to achieve an effective internal communication. An intranet overs your employees with a reliable communication platform that helps in retrieving old conversations and messages. The platform offers your workers a space to bounce off an opinion or an idea in a judgment-free manner. The advancement in technology has boosted the growth and popularity of intranet communication among companies. 

3. Allow “open door” policy

Many employees find it difficult to find time, place and the manner that they can communicate with their bosses. Majority of them feel uncomfortable approaching the CEO or Manager of the firm. Consequently, some may choose not to raise an important idea that could help the company. When things run this way, it shows that there exists a block for effective communication. You need to remove any possible barrier to the achievement of an open door policy that allows your employees to feel comfortable to bring stuff in your attention at any time and in any place. Ensure that you are an approachable listener to your employees. If you find that your employees have fear to approach you, start checking in with them regularly while making them feel free to you. 

4. Use social media

Social media is one of the proven ways that are working extremely well in connecting communications between the customers and the company. This factor is in many cases abandoned and not taken seriously, but it is an effective method of enhancing both internal and external communication in your business. Your employees can share, comment and like posts that appear interesting to them and are related to your firm. You can also use social media to do fun gift raffles for your employees to give them a chance to win cool office gifts, or accessories like leather watch bands that they can switch in and out. This way, you are likely to learn various feelings, opinions, ideas, and complaints that your employees have concerning your company.

5. Establish a unique internal language

Uniqueness makes one feel special and belonging to a particular group of people. Let your employees feel part of your company even when they are outside the premises. You can achieve this by inventing a unique language based on the company’s slang, mission statements, mottos and even commonly used jokes by employees. This brings in joy, happiness, and interest in undertaking the company’s tasks and projects. Indeed, this can significantly boost your firm’s internal communication. 

6. Identify a common objective

Every business has a common aim that every employee is expected to aim at. It is essential that you effectively communicate to your employees about the common target and keep on sharing with them the information uniformly. Let them be on the same page every single day. 


Communication enhances coordination that results in an increase in productivity in your business. Use the tips that are discussed in this article to boost your company’s internal communication. 

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