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Tips to improve the speed of your existing WiFi Connection

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When a user makes use of a smart device, they probably require a good and strong WiFi that follow them at every inch of their house. The devices (computer or laptop) that come with the limited range of Internet connectivity are more likely to suffer from slow, dropped and sluggish connections.

Most of the modern devices have a feature of wireless network adapter inbuilt in them, whereas the older version of devices requires the need of an external adapter such as USB or PCMCIA card. Moreover, Netgear Extender Setup needs the helping hand of computer or laptop to get the entire process of installation done successfully.

Furthermore, you can take some valuable steps to improve the range of your smart device and also the speed of your existing WiFi connection.

Factors that Affect the WiFi Range

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There are several factors that cause a weak signal. So what are you supposed to do in that case? Probably stick with is and follow some of the valuable points given below.

  • Avoid Distances from Router The difference between your router and the smart device affects the strength and the signal range. So in that case, you are supposed to move your smart device nearby the router in order to solve such annoying problems permanently. If it is impossible for you to do the reposition of your router, then place it in an open place at least, add additional antennas, repeater, or a range extender.
    Now, what you can do, place the above-mentioned (one of any) smart device in between the area of your router and the laptop and after that plug it into an electric wall socket. Such smart devices boost up the signal of your existing Internet connection coming out of the main router and spread it all over the house. But remember, your router should be placed openly in a neat and clean desk, not the floor.
    Moreover, for your WiFi Range Extender Setup turn off the public hotspot, metal appliances and those electronic gadgets that creates interferences in the field of signal connectivity. Also, look at the LED lights on your device, whether they are in blinking mode or stable. Only receive live signals from main router, not heat.
  • Update your Device and its Software The signal strength of WiFi range completely depends on the router’s firmware, driver, and the software built-in it. You have to take care of your device, whether it is updated or outdated.
  • Replace your Outdated Device with the Updated One The modern and up to date routers are well known as 802.11ac. Such routers are much stronger and faster than any other old device (802.11n, 802.11g, or any). In short, such modern routers have the capability of connecting multiple devices at the same time.

Similarly, the process of WiFi Extender Setup too needs to shake hand with the devices that come with the latest technologies in order to configure and set up successfully.

What you have to do, place your extender and the router closer to each other and after that, you have to plug them in simultaneously into an electric wall socket. Don’t forget to unite them both via Ethernet cable.

Once you have done with all the process successfully, seize a computer or a laptop and type  mywifiexte.net in the field of the address bar of a web browser.

  • Use the latest version of Router’s Firmware and Drivers The drivers of your device affect how your laptop is going to connect with your existing network. On the other hand, old drivers can affect the signal strength of your Internet connectivity. So, in that case, you are forced to update the software, drivers of your device timely. For more assistance, you can simply ask the help to our Netgear experts on a toll-free number.
  • Avoid interference of those Devices that carry the same Frequency Your older version of the router may run on the same frequency as your home electronic devices and metal appliances do.

    Do you know the fact that a cordless phone or a microwave oven runs on a 2.4GHz frequency that creates a lot of interference between your devices and Internet connection? It may also interest you to know that, modern and up to date routers come with a 5GHz frequency that avoid all the interferences of electronic gadgets and gives you a high-speed of the Internet to access everywhere in the house.
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