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Tips to Keep Your Car Maintained

Take care of your car and the car will take care of you. This maxim sums up the relation between a car and its driver. Growing population means growing cities and increasing need for transportation. The public transportation system though beneficial in many ways is not much reliable everywhere. Moreover, it isn’t feasible for everyone to use public transport. That’s why we now see more and more cars on the roads. As the above-mentioned maxim implies, a car though not a living being demands proper taking care of. If not, then you won’t be able to get the maximum out of it no matter how latest your model is.

We see many people perplexed because of their hefty maintenance bills and fuel charges. The solution is not to avoid using cars but to take better care of them. Once you start keeping your car maintained, you will notice a considerable increase in its performance as well as its reliability. Rising inflation has made it impossible for most to change cars every few years so the choices are limited and the only feasible option is to maintain your present car with regular check-ups to make it last longer than the average road life of 8 years.

 Taking your car to the shop will create a dent in your wallet. Though it is unavoidable in certain scenarios, with regular personal maintenance you can lower your visits and consequently your transportation bill. That’s why we recommend preventive maintenance. To enjoy your car without spending much, follow the below-mentioned tips and tricks without any negligence.

Take Care of the Car Fluids

Among fluids, mobile oil is the foremost. Consider it as the blood for your car. Its purpose is to lubricate the engine and keep friction to a minimum. As time goes by, the oil loses its faculties and has to be replaced with the new one. While changing oil, you will notice that it has changed color and lost its richness. Such oil is of no use anymore. Mobile oils come in different varieties with different mileage. For best results, we recommend changing well before it reaches its mileage limit. Suppose your oil manufacturer claims a limit of 4000 km before the oil is changed, you should however change it to at least 3000 km for best results.

Note the date and mileage of the car once the oil is changed and periodically check it to ensure you stay within safe limits as the delayed oil change can lead to various engine complications.

Optimize your Driving Habits

Most of the time, the greatest damage to a car is the result of our driving habits. Lack of understanding your car and using it without any mechanical sympathy leads to premature wear and tear. You should invest some time in learning sound driving habits and improving yours. Unnecessary acceleration leads to over-fuel consumption. Moreover, use your steering, gear change, and race/brake pedals smoothly without rushing. You will be amazed to learn how much fuel can be saved just by opting for these small habits.

Higher speeds lead to additional wear and tear on your car. If you want to prevent the premature aging of your car, go easy on the throttle.

Tires are Important

Tires are often neglected when it comes to car maintenance. The key is to keep your tire always in the optimum position. This means keeping the tire pressure in check. If your tire pressure is below the required, it will mean low fuel mileage. On the other hand, higher tire pressure can result in tire bursting. For off-roading vehicles, tires need to be checked more keenly.

One important trick for increasing the life of your tires is to rotate them periodically say after 10000 km. It means switching your both front and back tires. In this way, they will be subjected to even wear and tear. Moreover, to avoid any inconvenience, change your tires once you feel them worn out.

Maintain Servicing Schedules

Most of us skip periodic servicing and only visit the shop once we experience some major flaw in the system. This is a bad practice and most of the time it is the reason for any major issue. Regular check-ups keep the car up to date and prevent any sudden failure. Don’t skip the periodic tuning and know the differences between stage 1 2 & 3 tuning, it will keep the engine performance at optimum levels. In a nutshell, minor servicing is far better than any major service.

Keep Your Car Clean

Last but in no way the least, keep your car clean. The relaxed feeling you experience by taking a hot shower after a hectic day at work is the same as your car feels after a thorough cleaning. Cleanliness is a personal attribute and your car must show it. The interior requires more attention than the exterior because of its detailing. Regular cleaning will keep it safe from rust and many other issues. You will notice the car is significantly lighter after a quality cleaning.

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Syandita Malakar
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