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Tips to Keep Your Items Safe in Self Storage Units

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People don't stick to just one lifestyle throughout their lives. There are factors that cause them to change their usual way of life such as they may move from one place or country to another to seek better employment or business opportunities, get married, have children and change homes. It's during these times then that they may encounter problems in storage space for their personal belongings.

Fortunately, there's help at hand what with the existence of self-storage facilities in many urban and rural areas these days. These rental units are very helpful in that they provide spaces for safekeeping of people's valuable possessions regardless of size. And since they're spread out in many areas today, they provide customers with many conveniences as they can easily be accessed from homes and offices without having to drive a far distance.

But while these self-storage facilities have invested in advanced security measures, customers should not be complacent about their stored items. They should still take it upon themselves to check their belongings inside the units every now and then to be sure that everything's intact and untouched.

Authorities in the self-storage industry strongly recommended customers to do an inventory of their personal items. Depending on their preference, they can list down in a paper or in their PDAs all the things they're keeping in the rental units or they can just take photos of the stuff there. Another way is to take videos of your things in there.

A personal visit to your unit is also a good idea. If you live just nearby, you may want to check on your stuff once in a while. This you should even do on a regular basis if you're storing some delicate belongings in your self-storage rental unit.

Getting insurance coverage for your personal belongings is a must. This is for your protection so that in case of fire or other disasters, you will be refunded of the amount equivalent to the value of your things in your storage units pompano beach. Many large facilities have forms or materials on this matter available at their counters while insurance firms also give out information on the same subject.

A very important rule of thumb to keep in mind is to store only dry and non-perishable items in your unit. Self-storage facilities do not allow chemicals, solvents and other flammable materials inside the units. In case a customer violates this regulation, the management won't hesitate to ban the client for good.

Today, though, many facilities are accommodating wines in their units. The wines are usually stored in climate controlled rooms or lockers at 55 to 57 degrees. Other facilities are also starting to specialize in storage of specific items so you may also want to check on these if you're into keeping certain belongings.

So remember that when using a valuable service, it's always best to follow the rules if you want to establish a good relationship with the management and you want to set a clean record. Make sure as well that you're prompt in paying your monthly rental fees.

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