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Tips To Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean

As a swimming pool owner, regularly maintain your pool to keep it refreshing, sparkling, and ready for use can be a tough job. Practice preventive maintenance to minimize the life cycle cost of maintaining your pool and minimize emergency runs to buy pool chemicals.

Furthermore, accessorize your pool equipment with swimming pool pumps. These will help you drain the pool waters when you want to fill the pool with fresh water. Meanwhile, here are the pool maintenance tips you should practice to keep your pool clean.  

Check the Water Levels and Pool Chemistry

The right level of pool water is at the center of the pool tiles or skimmer. If the water level is lower than that, the pool pump might run dry and burn. Also, if the levels are very high, the skimmer door won’t work well, and debris may accumulate in the pool. If the levels are not at the recommended levels, add or let out water according to the situation.

Pool chemistry helps in pool cleanliness. If the chemistry is not correct, the pool’s cleanliness is compromised. You can identify bad pool chemistry by looking for cloudy water or algae. The pool waters may also show some level of dirtiness that isn’t related to grime.

Regularly test your pool water to prevent these problems from developing and accelerating further. Doing so also helps you neutralize harmful nuisances such as bacteria as early as possible. Carry out this maintenance practice a few times a week. You can also run your pool pumps for at least 9 hours a day to ensure the pool chemicals distribute evenly.

Check the Pool Filter and Shock the Pool

Pool filters clean the pool water from debris and foreign particles. It is easy to know if something is wrong with your pool filter. Move swiftly and correct the problem to keep the pool safe and prevent the matter from escalating further. Ensure that the pool filter stays unclogged, clean, and updated at all times. 

You have likely shocked your pool before. If that is the case, you know that it might get chlorine lock if you shock it too much. If you also don’t shock it enough, the pool chemicals’ effectiveness will also suffer. The recommended number of times of carrying out this practice is once per week. Doing so stabilizes its sanitizer levels. You can also shock the pool after a storm or pool party to prevent algae from taking over.

Check the Water Circulation and Skim the Pool



Maintain good water circulation in the pool if you don’t want all your efforts to go in vain. If the pool water doesn’t circulate properly, it won’t be filtered as it should, and debris will accumulate. Also, its chemicals won’t even distribute in the water, making it challenging to balance the water chemistry.



Having a pool cover isn’t enough; debris can still build up in the pool with time. That is why you should skim your pool for foreign particles at least once a day. 

In Conclusion

These pool maintenance practices will help you keep your pool clear of debris, bacteria, among other unwanted particles. Consider the tips mentioned above, and your pool will stay healthy.


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