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Tips to lighten your load for your next move

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When moving home, the question arises: what to do with old things? Somethings are already for one reason or another not used, but it is a pity to throw them away. Should I bring the contents of pantries and mezzanines with me to my new apartment in my truck rental in Auckland?

Outdated stuff

Many older folks have cassette and reel tape recorders, FED film cameras, and other things that are outdated and have given way to new technological advances. Think about the point of taking a magnifier with you if you have been using a modern digital camera a long time ago? Such things are of value only to collectors. So, give them in good hands to connoisseurs of antiques – youwill please people and free yourself from unnecessary things.

Things you cannot use

Most often it is clothes. A sweater with a stretched collar and frayed elbows, trousers with a broken zipper – thesethings are sent when moving to a country house and serve as overalls. If you do not have a summer residence, then feel free to throw out your worn-out things. Particularly noteworthy are the almost new wardrobe items that no one has to wear. For example, because children have grownor you in the process of life have greatly recovered or lost weight, but quite decent clothes remained. Used things can be sold or joyfully handed out to friends, or even taken to an orphanage.

Old furniture

Moving is also sorting furniture. Old furniture, which is no longer suitable for anything (a sofa with a protruding spring, a stool without a leg and others like it), is certainly not good to keep in the new house. Should I take other furnishings with me? It depends on your financial situation. If after moving funds for the purchase of new furniture will not remain, take your old one with you. Just take measurements and make sure that all your familiar furniture fits in your new home.

After moving to a new home, I looked at a huge pile of boxes, occupying most of the room and piling up to the ceiling. Is all this necessary for life? Looking at this art object, I decided that something needs to be changed.  

I began to sort through my things and realized that it was difficult for me to throw away something, although I did not use a thing for a long time. Someone's gifts, souvenirs, clothes ... but they were just there without a purpose.

Why are we overgrown with things?

The material side of the issue is a pity to throw it away because the thing is expensive and good. Yes, good, but unnecessary. But often in a relationship like this - we continue to communicate with people with whom we have nothing in common, just out of habit.

Of course, I do not want to throw away memorabilia. Experiencing pleasant moments, I want the memories of them to remain with us for a long time. Better forever. I want to put them in a bottle and open them like perfumes, breathing in the pleasant aroma of what was, but has passed. Often, we use things for this. Then it becomes a habit, and the cabinet drawers are already littered with something that cannot be remembered without a hint. And are these things a decade old so important to me today? I think not.

In general, it is not important WHY a lot of unnecessary things should now part ways. More important is the desire to make a difference now. Let's try to understand what exactly you can do without them. And when do things turn into junk?  

But it bothers me!

No wonder the ancient sages said: you can endlessly look at three things - how fire burns, water flows and how a woman chooses what to wear today.

What to do:

If not worn, then don’t love. If you don’t love, it means junk. And no matter how much it once cost, give to charity. If you are not being lazy – youcan creatively recycle, give it to remake or remake yourself. The Internet is full of information, such as “how to weave a rug from old t-shirts” and “an easy way to sew a bag from old jeans”.

As for the wardrobe, often we buy a thing because it is beautiful. Not always caring whether the color or style suits us. And putting the order in the wardrobe is just a great occasion to decide on a color type and leave only that which suits you perfectly in color and shape.  

Someday come in handy!

Something unnecessary, taking up a lot of space, but valuable. Therefore, it is a pity to throw it away. For example, it may be appliances or non-functional furniture. Someone's gift is not particularly suitable for the household. Or something has broken for six years and there is no time to fix it. Or something acquired after watching a beautifully aggressive ad. The bread machine turned out to be a very convenient magazine stand.

What to do:

If you can’t start using it, but the thing is expensive and of high quality, sell it. There are many internet sites for this. Or again, give it. 

Only today and only for you

Something unique, for example, handmade, paintings from the exhibition. Trinkets-figurines-magnets from travel, brought by someone so you remember how well your friends traveled.

What to do:

Figurines can be given to children. Of course, there are really valuable things. From home decorations, you can leave your favorites and change in the interior, say, every couple of months. Hand out the rest or throw it away.  

And waste paper for memory

All kinds of flyers or theater tickets (from that evening!), Maps and postcards after traveling, old photographs that occupy several shelves and additional dust, books that you are not going to read, etc.

What to do:

Commemorative letters, magazines, notes, photographs, etc. can be digitized and stored on disk. Distribute the originals to friends and relatives, and simply throw away and forget something. If you like to hold a photo in your hands, you can make a photo book, it will take much less space. It's hard for me to part with books. I love re-reading my favorite volumes, taking marginal notes, and so on. But still,I tried to get rid of printed books as much as possible, leaving just my favorite ones. Already books are not a problem to download. Here are more tips on traveling light.


Think about the fact that your home is the place where you make up for wasted energy. Your place of power. What should it be for you? Now look around and see what surrounds you. Is the space around you coping for this? Do all these things give you joy? Do not litter your living space

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