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Tips to lower your energy bills during Summer

Summer can be a costly season of the year with all the fun trips and outings you have decided on. Luckily, staying cool doesn’t need to be on the list of expenses. Here are some of the tips to lower your summer energy bill.

Keep your air conditioning system clean

A dirty air conditioner works less efficiently. It means you will get less cool air pumped in your rooms and you may have to replace the unit sooner than you would have thought. So, take some time out to change the filter and clean any debris, dust you notice.

Make use of ceiling fans

If you have ceiling fans in the house, use them to get the wind chill effect. It makes the circulated air feel cooler because it enhances the moisture evaporation procedure and eradicates heat completely. It can be considered for moderate days when you would rather not switch on your air conditioning system. You can also use AC and fan in a combination to lower energy costs. This cooling effect lets you keep the thermostat setting higher and makes you feel nice and cool.

Keep your doors and vents closed

One thing which your air conditioning needs the most to perform efficiently is closed doors and vents. Never leave the vents and doors of rooms open or you are just wasting the energy spent to coolan area.

Keep the windows open

If you live in a place that cools off during the night, then shut down your AC and open some windows. It will make your room remain cool and will not burn a hole in your pocket by paying hefty utility bills.

Choose ENERGY STAR doors and windows

Though doors and windows don’t use energy but they work as a big drain if they are constantly letting the heating and cooling go. This is why more and more Canadians are switching to high-performance ENERGY STAR doors and windows. They lower your energy costs and bring comfort and coziness to your house. They are also helpful in lowering condensation. Lastly, the outside noise enters less inside your house.

Some features

Getting triple-pane windows or the ones with Low-E coating is very helpful to lock the heating and cooling. This keeps the coolness intact in the room and doesn’t let it slip through the windows and doors. You can consult your window contractor to find out other accents and accessories to keep your windows sealed and locked to prevent coolness from escaping.

Well, with these simple tips, you can keep your house cool and cozy all summer long and also save a good amount of money. With Window Mart, you can get ENERGY STAR windows and doors at the best price. So, visit and talk to the representative about increasing your home’s energy efficacy for summers. The professionals will guide you with the best solutions according to your requirement at the most affordable rates. So, proceed and book an appointment now!

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