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Tips to Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly

Businesses across the country are taking steps to become more eco-friendly. Deciding to be more eco-friendly will help the climate, along with the productivity of your workers, the cost of running your business, the efficiency of your operations, and the image of your brand.

Are you ready to learn how to take this step into an eco-friendly business? If so, a few tips and suggestions are found below.

Invest in an Energy Audit

If you want to learn more about the products that will help your business become more eco-friendly, you can invest in a business energy audit. During this audit, the professional auditor will be able to make recommendations regarding appliance updates, update heating insulation, change light bulbs, and even let you know if you should buy solar panels.  

Recycle and Purchase Recycled Paper

If you want to be more eco-friendly with paper, consider using PCW – post-consumer waste – products. Today, you can find napkins, toilet paper, packaging, and printing paper made out of recycled materials. PCW papers use less energy and water during production, which means they are not as harmful to the environment.

Another eco-friendly step with paper is to print as little as possible and only print on the highest percent PCW paper available. Consider going paperless with your bills and send invoices to clients through email or another electronic method.

You should always recycle the paper that is currently in your office. Make sure there are recycling bins throughout the office to encourage your staff to recycle, too.

Keep Toner and Ink Out of the Environment

There is a right and wrong way to dispose of your business’s toner and ink cartridges. Find stores nearby that offer drop-off bins. You can also ship your empty cartridges back to the company, which will be recycled and reused. You can even speak with your print equipment provider about how they recycle toner and ink materials.

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Chemicals

Changing to eco-friendly cleaning products is an easy step. Chemical cleaners often include toxic substances. Making the change from these can help to improve employee health in the workplace. Also, when these chemicals are flushed down the drain, they can harm the environment and impact the habitat quality of animals.

Purchase Energy Efficient Lighting

Higher efficiency lighting, such as CFLs and LEDs are more expensive initially, but they last up to 50x longer than traditional incandescent lighting. Also, this eco-friendly light option doesn’t use as much energy as incandescent, which will help to immediately lower electricity-related costs. You can save the environment and save money by moving to more energy-efficient lights.

Appliances and Electronics

It is a good idea to update your older technology with an energy-efficient equivalent. Just like with newer lighting options, it is a good idea to look for more energy-efficient appliances. Try to find options that carry the Energy Star symbol, such as coffeemakers, dishwashers, and refrigerators. These all use less energy than older versions, which can help offset thousands of pounds of carbon. Put simply, your utility bill will shrink when you invest in eco-friendly appliances for your business.

Use Eco-Friendly Transportation Methods

Walking or biking to work is considered a carbon-neutral way to commute. It is also a good idea to take advantage of public transit systems, such as buses, subways, and commuter rails, as much as possible. This is another way to reduce carbon footprints. If you use a fleet of vehicles for your business, consider investing in high-efficiency or hybrid vehicles, which will help you save money on gas while reducing carbon emissions.

Consider Eco-Friendly Marketing

Did you know there are entire months and natural holidays that are dedicated to Earth Awareness? Some examples include Energy Action Month, National Bike to Work Day, Arbor Day, Earth Day, and Clean Energy month. During these holidays, you can get more creative with your messaging and marketing. Try engaging your target audience and show your support for the planet.

Provide Incentives for Following Eco-Friendly Practices

If you want to ensure your employees take part in your efforts to make your business eco-friendlier, consider offering incentives. This could be a bonus, free merchandise, or something that would motivate them to take action and do their part.

As you can see, there are several steps you can take to help your business be more eco-friendly. Keep the tips and information here in mind to develop your plan and create an eco-friendly business. Not only is this good for your carbon footprint, but it is also beneficial for your bottom line. 

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