Tips to post classified Ads


Classified ads are named as such as because they carry a classified under specified headings where they belong. These advertisements are either free of cost or are paid and are published in websites, newspapers, periodicals etc. Various agencies post classified ads like the ras al Khaimah classified ads. Generally, websites allow posting of two types of classified ads- Normal and Urgent. Some ads require urgent attention such ads are posted under urgent ads in contrast to some which can wait. Classification of ads makes the ads more specific and as such make it visible to the audience more easily. Thus, ads must be classified correctly so that people can search for specific areas to find ads of interest.

Tips to post classified ads                                                          

1.      Post ads in the section or website which best represent your needs. Since you may need to pay for the services you opt for you must choose the best services available. Make sure you choose the niche in the classified ads section that is most appropriate for you.

2.      Take a look at the ads similar to you and are competitors for the service you provide. Make sure you also prepare the best ads and can make your ad more attractive than the others available in the market.


3.      Work on the headline more than the body of the ad as this is the part which will make the readers read your ad. Make it eye-catching and list the main attraction of your service. This is the first step towards creating the perfect ad for you.

4.      Make the body of the advertisements as succinct as possible. Make it direct and write it in a clear language so that it is understandable to all. Using tough words will make you lose the attention of your reader and thus you may lose potential customers.

5.      The advertisements are usually priced based on the number of words you use. So, it is important to calculate how much you can spare for the advertising purpose and based on the same design your write-up.

Make sure you give complete contact address and email in the advertisements so that you can be contacted. This is extremely important so that the customers can contact you directly. Mention your website if you have one so that the customers can check on the services in detail and decide if it fulfils their need. Make your website attractive with coupons etc. and discounts if possible.

Relevant content- Quantity or repetition of ads matter but before these aspects, content is the king. The language and tone of the ad should be easily understandable. They play the role of marketers as if the message is not persuasive enough and actual sales do not happen all creativity is vain.

Concise and clear title- The title of an ad is like a cover of a book. A title is a key factor that attracts or repels the website visitors. It should be descriptive in itself keeping it short and crisp. Never put misleading titles simply to attract more clicks.

Keep an eye on the budget-The conversion rate is good online but the portfolio of the type of ad and platform should be well thought of as everything comes at a price. Compare the various deals available before moving ahead with a particular platform.

Use of keywords- Keywords play a very vital role to optimize the reach and impressions over the internet. Relevant keywords in adequate numbers must be used. These are organic drivers to increase the reach. Watch out for keyword trends and design the ad accordingly.

Active query handling- All the people reaching out via online ads should be attended to timely and well. The same person might not be the customer but they can generate important leads.

Good quality image- In the case of a certain type of classifieds there is an option to put an image. Example-property or automobiles. One must upload a good quality formal image. Don’t go for misleading images as it will not serve any purpose.

Pitch persistently- Recency of ads matters a lot. The recent ones appear on a priority basis in the search. Keep on updating ads especially in case of jobs, all skills and contact information should be updated regularly.

Not missing on the essentials- All the possible W’s should be mentioned ranging from where that is the location, who (the position available, whom to contact), etc. Fitting everything essential might seem tricky so, prioritize and view the ad from the other party's perspective.

Classified ads such as classified in ras al Khaimah can be of great help for persons looking for potential customers and different service providers. These platforms if utilized properly can open greater prospects for businesses. You should recognize which agency to pitch to create the perfect ad and have greater audiences to get your work done as soon as possible. These services are customizable as per need of the person. This flexibility is often sought by customers so that the ad can be designed as per one's requirement. Thus, the next time you want visibility of your website looks for websites that provide classified ads.

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