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Tips to prepare for SAT

SAT is an important examination after school. You can give a SAT exam to enroll in any globally recognized university. SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test is a standardized test that measures the capabilities and readiness of an international student who wants to study abroad.

SAT is organized by a board called the College Board. It is a multiple-choice test given as a pencil-and-paper test. It aids the institutions to test the readiness of the high school for their admission into graduate degrees. Thoughthere are no certain eligibility requirements for taking this test generally the candidates aged between 17 and 18 years appear for this test.

The SAT score is also accepted in some colleges of India. The standard of the SAT examinations is very high so qualifying for this exam is not an easy task.

Though with regular practice and some tricks you can crack the SAT exam. So, let’s examine some methods for cracking the SAT exam:

1.       Get accustomed with international tests

First of all, to prepare for SAT you need to make yourself familiar with international tests. Research the format of the international tests on the internet. Then understand the format of the SAT test. For example, the SAT test will be of 1600 words and divided into two sections 1. Evidence based reading and writing 2. Math. The test will range from 400 to 1600 marks. Then you make your preparation by practicing according to the given format of the SAT test.


2.       Identify your skills

The next step is to identify your skills. You can take a diagnostic test to see for yourself your strengths and weaknesses so that you practice more in the weaker subjects. But also practice on your high scoring subjects to get good marks.


3.       Polish your grammar

Polishing your basic grammar will be an added advantage as half of the verbal section is full of grammar questions on essay and big picture. Just practicing half an hour on your grammar skills will drastically improve your score in the SAT.


4.       Brush your mental math

This will save you a lot of time doing calculations. As a calculator is not allowed in the exam so doing mental math will give an edge over other aspirants. For example, a simple multiplication like 14 *2 will save you lot of time. You can practice mental math on various downloadable books available on the internet.


5.       Always read the best SAT preparation books

To get good marks, it is essential to read the best materials for SAT prep. You can get various materials for SAT preparation but not all of them are best because you will be disappointed to find them in the actual test. The books to read are SAT Writing and language practice, best SAT books, SAT Math practice, SAT Reading practice and SAT question of the day.



6.       Boost your vocabulary

You can boost your vocabulary by reading different nonfiction books out of your school syllabus. As most of the questions are on reading and writing practice. So, you can find new words from the books and write down their meanings. Besides you can read a paragraph and make some questions yourself and then write down the answers.



7.       Practice more and more

Take some time to take real time tests and set a timer aside to finish the tests in the given time. After finishing the test, you can review the wrong answers and practice them again and again until it becomes right.



Therefore with practice and some hard work every day it will not be very difficult to prepare for SAT.





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