Tips to Prepare Your Car for Emergency Towing


Do you fear getting stuck in the middle of the road and waiting for help to arrive? We do too. At some point in your life, you will have to call a towing service like AAA Towing Calgary because your car has broken down. Towing services can get you out of a car break down situation hassle-free. The anxiety of waiting for a towing company to arrive can be overwhelming. 

However, in the meantime, you can entertain yourself with games, snacks, or talking to your friends. You can also prepare your vehicle to be towed. The easier you make the process for the towing company, the quicker you will be on your way home. 

To help you out, we have gathered some of the important points you need to ensure before getting your vehicle towed. 

Disengage Your Parking Brake

Your parking brake can prevent your car from moving. This is something that keeps your car stationary. Not disengaging your parking car can cause damage to your car. Therefore, it's important to remember to lift the hold on your parking brakes and disengage them. 

Your towing company will disengage it. However, you must also take care of it if you don’t want any damage to occur. 


Remove Your Important Items

The first thing you must do is to gather all of the important items you have in your car. Take out your phone, important documents, mobile charger, money, wallet, and other necessary items. 

If you keep your insurance information in your car, take that with you. Also, try to keep keys with you if possible. Otherwise, you can always keep a spare set of keys to your car. 

Clean The Area Around Your Car

If your car is parked in an inappropriate position, try to move it to a safer place. If you are blocking traffic, move your vehicle to a safer location. If you see other cars waiting for a tow, help them out to move their car. After this, wait till help arrives. 

Align Your Car’s Wheels

Non-aligned wheels can be hard to tow. If possible, try to align your wheels so that they are turned in a straight direction. This will help the towing service move your vehicle easier onto their trailer. If you don’t straighten your wheels when your tow driver attempts to move it it will go in an undesired direction. Therefore, ease the task for your tow company, and straighten your wheels beforehand. 

Close Your Windows

People become careless, and they forget to do some of the important things. It may be okay not to close your car’s windows while your car is parked in a parking lot while you go to shop. However, it is not a good idea to leave your windows open when getting your vehicle towed.

Imagine a sand storm comes and makes the interior of your car dirty. Or, what if someone steals something important from the dashboard of your car? Open windows pose many threats to you. Close all windows before handing your car over to your towing company. Doing so can save your car from getting dusty, and also keep your valuables from getting stolen. 

Take A Picture of Your Vehicle as A Record

While towing, damage can occur to your car. Many towing companies may not take the responsibility of damaging your car once they have towed your car. Plus, many towing companies don’t offer such insurance.

Take a closeup picture of your car from different angles. So, you know the condition of your vehicle and where there are scratches and bumps. Also, try to contact a reputable towing company that covers the insurance of your vehicle in case of damage while being towed.  

Disengage 4x4 Wheel Drive

The purpose of four-wheel drive is to provide the torque simultaneously to all four wheels. If you let your towing company tow your car with 4x4 wheel drive engaged, it may put pressure on your tires. This can badly damage your car and reduce its efficiency. 

Your towing company will check for this. However, you must ensure that you disengage your 4x4 wheel drive before handing your vehicle over for a tow. 

A wise decision would be to call a quality towing company with fast response time and advanced machinery. They ensure that all the necessary precautions for towing your vehicle are taken care of before towing your car.