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Tips to Prevent Wrist Pain and Injury from Computer Use

Working for several hours on a computer is a reality for most people. And now that workplaces have become digital, it’s impossible to see anyone in the office who doesn’t use a device. And while typing and holding a mouse don’t seem strenuous, these repetitive movements do take a toll on your hands. The problem is, that most people don’t know the proper way of interacting with these devices. Also, not every workspace is designed with principles of ergonomics.

Developing a comprehensive safety workplace checklist is one of the crucial things for creating a safe and injury-free workplace. Recognizing potential hazards and formulating mitigating strategies to handle them will ensure the safety of the employees. The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation under need each and every small business to have an occupational health and safety program to eradicate the possibilities of injuries in the workplace.

One cannot ensure workplace safety just on the basis of certain guidelines and policies. Rather it depends on the fact that how well the employees, as well as management on the floor, communicate and adhere to the safety standards. This post offers some useful measures through which businesses can make the workplace safe and injury free.

What causes wrist pain and injury?

A person with underlying health issues may be prone to certain injuries. For example, a person suffering from osteoarthritis may experience worsening symptoms because of constant typing or holding a mouse. Other health problems may be developed as well, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition is typically associated with prolonged computer use. So, what can you do to reduce the possibility of developing wrist pain or hand injuries?

Stress is one of the biggest reasons for depression as well as concentration problems. Some of the major reasons behind workplace stress are long working hours, insecurity to the job, excessive amount of workload, encounters with the senior managers, etc. The management should look after the concerns of the employees and must chalk out ways to get rid of the same.

On the basis of the discussion made in the section above, it is important for the business owners to plan accordingly to ensure workplace safety. Of course, employees are also expected to be the part of the planning, after all the decision will be taken for their wellbeing only. Remember safety is something where each and every one needs to participate to get positive and healthy results.

Improve your workspace setup

We mentioned earlier the importance of ergonomics in designing an office space. This is especially important because it refers to the proper way your body interacts with the gadgets and tools you use. The good thing is, you can get the best ergonomic mouse for wrist pain or an ergonomic keyboard for better typing. Swap these for what you’re already using to experience improved mobility and less pain.

Not using the right safety gear and equipment for a given task increases the chances of facing injuries. Workers should have accessibility to each of the equipment like earmuffs, helmets, gloves, earplugs, safety goggles, hard hats, etc., as all these will reduce the chances of workplace injury.

It is the responsibility of the business owners and safety managers to arrange each of the equipment in the workplace and encouraging workers to make use of the same whenever needed during the working hours.

Be aware of your posture and hand placement

Your posture and hand placement also play an important role in reducing wrist pain. When typing, make sure that your back is straight. Avoid hunching in front of your computer and make sure that your hands are pointed straight towards the keyboard. It’s also ideal if you raise your hands a bit, but make sure that they are always below your elbows. Also, you don’t need to use a gel pad with your mouse.

Move away from your desk at regular intervals

Stretching, taking a quick walk, and standing up will ensure that you have a good range of motion. Even when you’re engrossed with work, don’t forget to take breaks even for a few minutes. This way, you can also improve your body’s circulation. Some companies today recommend using standing desks as it prevents employees from staying in a seated position. Working while standing is good for the body and also promotes healthy circulation.

Pay attention to symptoms and seek medical help

Ultimately, the key to preventing wrist pain and injury is paying attention to what you feel. Keeping a good posture, using ergonomic tools, and not ignoring symptoms of pain is essential to your wellness. Anytime you notice discomfort or lingering pain in your hand and wrist, see or confer with a specialist right away. Getting medical attention will let you know the causes of your symptoms and the best way to prevent them from getting any worse.

Remember that even if you’re already being careful and follow these tips, injuries could still occur. So, don’t be tempted to ignore the pain thinking it will go away with rest. The earlier you correct the problem, the better your chance of a full recovery.

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