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Tips to Protect Your Eyesight - Symptoms & Treatment

Beautiful eyes make people look beautiful in beauty, because with these very precious eyes, they can see beautiful scenes of nature. That is why it is necessary to protect your eyes from diseases. If the eyes are also looked after from time to time, then problems can arise to a great extent. Also, it is necessary to exercise eyes and exercise eyes to protect the eyes from diseases. To take care of the eyes, one should also consume Vitamin-A food which sharpens the eyes and protects the person with eye problems. Let's learn about eye health tips.

Regular Eye Cleaning

Eye irritation, irritation, itching, eyes getting red, yellowing, swelling, blurred eyes may be problems due to negligence of eyes. To protect eyes from these problems, the eyes should be cleaned regularly. For this, wash your eyes well with cold water 3-4 times a day.

Take nutritious diet

To protect the eyes from illness, food rich in vitamins A and Vitamin should be taken. Milk, butter, carrots, tomatoes, papaya, eggs, pure ghee and green greens - etc. should be eaten. Drinking in water this morning, drinking 8-9 glasses of water throughout the day is beneficial for eyes, which destroys growing toxic substances in the body.

Enough Sleep

Eight hours of sleep should be enough to give comfort to the eyes. As well as to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes, massage with almond oil should be done with a light hand under the eyes. It also removes dark circles under the eyes. Apart from this, anti-wrinkle cream should be applied under the eyes. The elements present in anti-wrinkle creams are vitamin C and green tea, which is beneficial in preventing the dark circles of eyes.

Proper distance from computer

It is important for the health of your eyes to work in the proper light, whether you are working on a computer or studying. Due to continuous viewing of something or sitting in front of the commuter for a long time, there may be complaints of pain in the eyes. Therefore, do not stress constantly on the eyes. Take a break in between.  If you are also troubled by this disease so you can also consult with eye specialist in kolkata through the Internet.

Check eyes from time to time

There should be no problem in the eyes, whether or not, but periodically eyes should be checked. Disease patients, especially diabetics, should periodically check the eyes, because diabetes has a negative effect on the eyes and blindness may also occur if there is long duration of diabetes.

Use of Good Quality Products

Eyes should be used on shades or eyeglass while leaving out to protect the eyes from dust and soil. Also use only good quality products for eye make-up. Make eye make-up according to the needs of the eyes, i.e. avoid using things like mascara, antimony.

Other solutions

If there is tiredness in the eyes, soaking in cotton in the rose water and keeping eyes on the eyes gives eyes relief.

It is better to scrub the two palms when you have pain in the eyes and apply it on your eyes for some time.

While working on a computer, keep your chair according to the height of the computer. Do not see too much emphasis on the eyes and do not see the TV in the dark, it has a lot of eye on eyes.

Carefully remove eye make-up before sleeping at night.

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