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Tips to Protect Your Heart From Diseases

The heart is healthy and the whole body is healthy, so it is important to take special care, but you make some minor mistakes in your everyday life which can lead to major heart diseases. If heartbeat is right then your health is also good. And if you want your heart beating rightly then you should take care of many important things. Learn about those small mistakes in detail recommended by the Best cardiologist in Jaipur.

Do not get checked

Many people suffering from heart disease are not aware of general symptoms. It is good that after reaching the age of 20, you should get complete cholesterol check every five years. Check your BMI at the time of going to BP and doctor every two years. And after every 45 years of getting blood sugar tested every three years.

Take care of family history

If your family has a history of cardiovascular disease then you need to be extra careful. You should know what type of illness your parents are having. And if possible, gather information about the medical history of grandparents. Their death was not due to any illness. Find out about their lifestyle. If your siblings also have symptoms of heart disease, especially if you are at a young age, then you also have more chances of having this disease.

Low consumption of dairy products

In recent research, doctors studied women who had received 82 thousand menopause for eight years. It was revealed in the research that women who consumed more dairy products were less prone to type 2 diabetes, less than 50% less than women who consumed dairy products. So if you are reducing the intake of dairy products with the aim of reducing the consumption of calories, then you need to think again.

Vitamin D Level

We are not asking you to get sunburn. But your body needs sunlight. This gives your body the necessary amount of vitamin D. In recent research, this has proved that those who have low levels of Vitamin D, their blood vessels have a higher risk of developing the plank. Doctors advise that you should stay in the sunlight without applying sunscreen for five to thirty minutes daily. And if you get out of the morning from 10 am to 3 pm, then the better. This helps your body to produce enough vitamin D.

Do not eat beans

Beans are quite nutritious. Whether you eat them in any form, even then. Rajma, Black and other types of beans provide you adequate protein without the saturated fat. Along with this, these are also high sources of soluble fiber. This helps in controlling the cholesterol content in your body. Oatmeal i.e. oats and barley are also considered to be good sources of fiber. This helps in extracting cholesterol from the blood vessels.

Not take enough sleep

You sleep late at night and rise up early in the morning. All the nights pass by changing your movements, so be sure you are playing with your health. Due to not having a good sleep, you have a bad effect on your heart. Good sleep prevents blood pressure, and heartbeat is also controlled. People who sleep well have a low risk of heart attack and heart failure. If you are unable to sleep for six to eight hours at night, contact the doctor about this. There may be medical reasons such as Restless syndrome or sleep apnea.

Pooja Tyagi
Pooja Tyagi is a blogger and currently works at credihealth as a digital marketing executive. She loves to read articles related to health, and fitness. She also has a strong passion for writing creative blogs and articles about health and fitness.
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