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Tips to Remember When Reporting a Work-Related Injury

When you are planning to join a company or has also joined one, you and your employer should discuss your benefits package. This will help you to know what the benefits are that your employer is providing you during your work period in the company. The worker’s compensation scheme is quite important in every company and worker’s compensation attorneys in Chicago can help you understand what you’re entitled to if you should suffer an injury. Here are some tips that one should remember while claiming the compensation benefits.

Immediately Reporting the Injury

Whenever you come across an injury, you should inform about this to your higher authority within the specified time period that is specified by the company. Each and every company has their own deadline within which you need to inform about the details of the injury. If you do not inform your organization within the specified time period, then you will not get benefits like workers compensation, leave benefits, etc. If the time passes and your injury heals, then it will become difficult for you to prove that you have suffered an injury. In some of the companies, you also need to fill the worker’s compensation claim form in order to receive the benefits of it.

Getting Proper Medical Treatment

After an injury has happened, you should get in touch with the doctor at the earliest possible time. Quicker medical care will lead to early recovery and you can also resume your work. Getting a medical treatment also helps you in getting your claim processed quickly. If you are claiming for the worker’s compensation quite late, then the concerned authority may not approve your claim. They will think they either your injury was not so serious or you are simply telling a lie to claim the money. Get the details of the treatment that the doctor has done in written form, which you can submit to your employer.

Create Your Own File

You should create the file by yourself. This will help you to answer the question when your employer will ask you. The employer will also make a file of your claim. You may verify both the files and see if any changes are required to be made or not.

Claim Needs to Be Filed Properly

When applying for the claim, you should check that all the paperwork is done properly by you as well as your employer. Missing out any information will lead to a decrease in the amount that you have claimed for. The form must be filled in precisely and carefully by providing all the details. Verify the report twice before submitted to know if you have submitted all the reports or not.

Get Checked by More Than One Doctor

In many companies, they have a policy that they need to do the treatment under the specified doctor itself. These doctors are hired by the companies and may not in the best interest to treat you as they won’t be able to charge you for the treatment they will provide you. Sometimes, the doctor does not give you a clear picture about the injury as insurance companies need to pay for the treatment. So, it is better to get checked by at least 2 doctors to have clarity about your injury.

Know About the Compensation Benefits

Each and every worker should know about the compensation benefits of the company. While each company has their own terms and conditions, it is better to have knowledge about the benefits. Workers compensation attorneys in Chicago can give you more detailed information, but the benefits may include:

  • Permanent Disability Benefits: Compensation for the impairments that are caused due to the injury.
  • Temporary Disability Benefits: They should provide you with leave benefits while you are off from work and are still recovering.
  • Medical Treatment: Provide the required medical treatment to the injury.
  • Mileage: Provide transportation costs while visiting the doctor.

Explain Your Injury

You should be able to talk about the injury that you have experienced but don’t provide unnecessary details and tell things that are not true about the injury. The best lawyers will always be there to help you with your case!

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