Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Tips to Resolve Common Mobility Scooter and Power Wheelchair Issues

Without the use of special aids and a caregiver, the elderly can easily travel from one place to the other. All the credit goes to mobility scooters and power wheelchairs. However, like any other machines, these machines can also face issues. But the good thing about it is that they can easily be resolved. For a power chair repair, you need not be a professional. You can fix these issues yourself or from a service repair. Mentioned below are some tips to resolve issues that may occur in a mobility scooter and power wheelchair.




One of the most common issues faced by such mobility devices is in their batteries. Due to constant charging and discharging, the battery can get exhausted over time. Many times, the wires also become loose. You should check it timely. There are sensors in the machine that will alert you of any problem. You can easily fix the wires and keep the battery at rest for some time to avoid charging again. If the problem is serious, you can easily change the battery of your mobility device.




While such mobility devices provide amazing durability, the tyres can get worn out after some time. You should not use your mobility device if you are not sure about its good condition. You should regularly check your tyres and maintain them. If you think that your device requires new tyres, take it to a power chair repair shop. You can also buy the necessary tyres from a nearby shop. Issues with tyres can be easily fixed at home. So, you need not worry about spending extra.


Ignition Switch


The ignition switch on your mobility device is prone to corrosion. This is because they are exposed to various elements in the environment. This causes issues like breaking off or keys getting stuck in the ignition. However, if you do not get a chance to fix it immediately, you can make use of other ways. You can make use of things like tongs to separate keys from the ignition. If this is not successful, you can use needle-nose pliers to twist the key and start your engine.




You can experience some issues with your motor if your device is old. The motors used in a mobility device are extremely reliable. However, it can face issues sometimes. However, you should avoid conducting such repairs yourself and take them to the power chair repair professional. Motors are most commonly replaced when they face problems. It will keep you safe and calm if a professional does such a technical task. A new motor is also not expensive so you should not worry about the extra expense.




A potentiometer allows the device to move forward or backward using a lever. However, while it may perform an important function, it can easily corrode as it is exposed to different elements. This can create movement issues. You can make use of a multimeter to check if the device is showing the correct voltage and usage. However, this issue can be fixed easily with the help of common tools as you will only need to tighten the wires. If you think it needs a replacement, you can do so on your own.


These are some tips to resolve common mobility scooter and power wheelchair issues. These tips can be performed by you if you know the workings or by a professional. Many problems that arise are common issues that do not require much consultation and repairs. However, if the problems persist, you should take them to the power chair repair professional. You should also regularly maintain your mobility device to avoid such problems in the future. But you are good to go with these tips.

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