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Tips to Retain Your Customer's Trust

Before any customer is willing to make a purchase from you, they must trust you. They need to feel confident that the marketing messages they have seen are accurate and that what you sell matches up to what you claim. You also need to provide peace of mind that if something goes wrong during the transaction, you have a customer support team ready to help.


The issue is trust is not something that can be established using gimmicks or quickly. Any company that has lost a customer's trust understands this. While this is true, it is up to you to take action and show customers they can trust you. From learning what is a cyber attack and putting securities in place to protect your customer's information to providing exceptional customer service, building trust starts with you.


Improve Security

You need to ensure your customers feel confident their information is safe when they shop with you. Even in situations where you are not selling anything through an eCommerce platform, you have customers going to your business website. The amount of safety they feel while they are there plays a huge role in their trust for your brand.

Consider this example – if you are spamming your customers with all sorts of advertisements or use a checkout process that is difficult to follow, customers may begin to believe shopping with you is not safe. To overcome this thought, add SSL protection to your site, use trusted payment options, and make sure to show off your trust badges. A trust steal is considered the best way to help improve consumer trust.


Remain Visible and Socially Active

When you remain active on social media, it helps you in several ways. You can build more visibility for your brand and attract more followers. You will also find the followers that you attract have a much better feel of your company and brand. The more frequent that you show off this part of your brand, the faster you can build your customer's trust.


The main benefit of building your business visibility on social media is the total amount of flexibility that you have. For example, you can syndicate onsite content, engage with former and new followers, post video and images, or update your customers with information and news. The goal is to remain present and active on the social platforms you have a presence on.


Under Promise, Over Deliver 

Modern customers do not have blind trust for brands like they did in the past. One of the main reasons this is the case is because many feel as though they have been lied to. If a customer feels like they are being manipulated or deceived, they will probably part ways with a trustworthy brand.


It is in your best interest to stick with the under-promise and over-deliver method for your customer's needs and expectations. If it will take you a week or more to ship something, be sure you let your customers know it will take you two weeks. If you have a product that is designed to last for a decade, claim it will last for eight years. By doing this, you can avoid ever having to break your promises.


Provide Exceptional Customer Service 

Trust may become fragile if customers have a problem with something. If they have this issue and experience prompt, memorable, and helpful service, they will think of you as a reliable brand forever.


However, if you happen to drop the ball, you will lose a customer – forever – and your reputation may take a hit. When possible, go all out for your customer service. Do not choose the most cost-effective way to solve an issue. Be sure that your customers feel like they are heard and appreciated and do everything you can to make them happy.


Create a More Personal Brand

Making your brand more personal is also beneficial. In your advertising and marketing and regular interactions with clients and customers, you should focus on personalization. Do not use formulaic responses or scripts. Instead, encourage your employees to talk to customers from the heart and to engage with your customers like they are real people.


These small changes mentioned here are going to help make your brand seem more human, improve customer peace of mind, and, as a result, improve customer trust. Be sure to keep these tips in mind and implement them when possible into your own efforts. Doing so will help ensure you build customer trust and that you can keep it.

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