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Tips To Secure Your Magento Store

Despite the advancements in all technology domains, new risks with regard to security has become a serious issue of concern. Hackers of these days are advancing equally with the evolving technology to devise sophisticated hacking strategies to hack the sites across the globe. The consequences can be very expensive when it comes to ecommerce sites that store sensitive data including their customers’ emails, passwords, shipping details and others. Magento has a huge following among the ecommerce community. Here we discuss some useful tips that a magento store development company can share with you to secure the sensitive data on your Magento ecommerce site.


Security patches are not to be overlooked
Magento team is continuously on its mission of addressing the security breaches in its system. From time to time, it releases security patches. You must consider these security patches as the lock that can prevent the hackers from entering the site. You must secure your site with these locks lest uninvited guests might hack your site one day or the other.

Update extensions
Magento provides a great functionality out of the box. Nevertheless, you will always need some extensions for customizing the site and adding some new features and functionalities. Extensions are created by third parties. Hence be careful while choosing them for your site. Update the extensions from time to time since they might also contain some security and bug fixes.

Backup the store regularly
Store back up at regular intervals is something you must not neglect or even postpone. Most people understand the importance of backup only when it comes to permanent loss of data or a great difficulty in restoring data. It is wise to create scheduled backups and store them on your computer or cloud services. From time to time, it is also essential to check if the backups are healthy. You can try using one of them on your demo store to see if they work as expected.

Change the login URL
Every content management system comes with a default login URL. Magento is never an exception to this. However, hackers use these URLs to guess the passwords using the most famous trial and error method. When you change the default login URL to a custom one, you are moving the protection from such attacks to the next level.

Use IP address to restrict the admin access
This arrangement will mean that only those white-labelled IP addresses can login to your store admin panel. This can create problems even if you have a dynamic IP address.

Implement two factor authentication
Two-factor authentication is a login system where over and above the password, one must use an exclusive system generated one-time code which is sent to a mobile phone through a special app. Though it might be boring and takes time to login using such systems, it can considerably minimize the risk of the site being hacked.

Set automatic alerts on any suspicious activity
Set automatic alerts to let you know any unauthorized login attempts and fraud orders. A regular monitoring of the site can help prevent any potential problems of such nature.

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