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Tips to Stay Healthy While Working at a Desk

While you may be committed to getting a good amount of exercise during your free time, having to work at a desk all day can negatively impact your health. Some people may think that getting to work behind a screen all day is a relatively safe and healthy way to work, but it’s not without some considerable drawbacks. Staying sedentary for an extended period of time isn’t great for your overall health, and there are some ergonomic factors that could cause considerable injury. Here are some tips on what you can do to stay healthy while you’re at your desk.

Prevent Injuries

Many office workers suffer repetitive stress injuries from having to stay in the same position and repeatedly perform the same tasks all day long. Injuries and conditions resulting from repetitive motion develop gradually. Your pain and discomfort may start off somewhat mild and then become increasingly worse over time

It’s important that you not dismiss the seriousness of a repetitive stress injury simply because it didn’t occur as the result of a single accident or event. If you are concerned that you have suffered a repetitive stress injury, it’s important that you seek out medical treatment to avoid further aggravating your injury.

Make Your Workstation Ergonomic

A lot of repetitive stress injuries that people sustain while working at a desk can be mitigated or prevented altogether by setting up workstations ergonomically. For example, carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common types of office injuries. This painful condition can cause intense discomfort in one or both wrists that results from spending a long time typing in an unnatural position. An ergonomically designed keyboard will reduce the strain on your wrists. Likewise, an ergonomically designed mouse that has a vertical shape instead of a flat one will make it easier for you to grip and move without craning your wrist.


It’s also important that your chair be comfortable enough to spend several hours at a time in. It should have good lumbar support as well as arm rests. You don’t want your chair to be too high off the ground because that could cause a strain on your knees or lower back.

Stay Fueled With Healthy Snacks and meals

A lot of people who have busy work days tend to neglect their nutritional intake. Instead of choosing healthy foods and nutritious snacks, they opt for what’s quickest and easiest to eat. This is particularly true of workers who don’t leave their desk and take an actual break to have lunch or grab a snack.


A healthy shake is an excellent way to ensure that you get vital nutritional content. Drinking the vitamins and minerals you need requires minimal prep work and no clean-up, so it won’t take you away from your busy workday. Look for an option with essential vitamins and minerals that can also support good digestive function. Proplant Complete Shake Ingredients offer a natural way to give your body vegetable-based nutrition in a delivery method that’s easy for your digestive system to process. Ultimately, when you fuel your body with natural and long-lasting sources of energy instead of quick bursts of sugar-based energy, you’ll have more consistent energy levels throughout your day.

Get Up and Stretch

Staying seated for too long can cause significant strain on your joints and spine. tting up to stretch periodically is important for your back and joint health. When you get up and move around, even if it’s for just a minute or so, you get your blood flow moving around your body like it should. This can alleviate discomfort in certain areas such as your legs and lower back.


Taking quick breaks to stretch several times a day can help improve your energy and focus. Not only does stretching get blood flowing to your limbs, it also gets more oxygen to your brain. You may find that you feel a little better able to concentrate after you’ve gotten up to do some light stretching.

Exercise at Your Desk

There are some simple exercises that you can do in a seated position to keep your muscles active and strong. For example, lifting your legs is a good way to utilize core strength and preserve your hamstrings’ muscle tone.

There are also a few different types of exercise equipment that’s specifically designed to be used while you sit at a desk. For example, a small apparatus with foot pedals can offer a similar type of exercise to riding a bike or using an elliptical machine. When you’re reading or doing something that requires only one hand instead of two, you can use lightweight dumbbells to keep your arms strong.


Working at a desk for eight hours or more every day doesn’t have to come between you and your exercise and nutritional goals. Being mindful about avoiding injuries, staying active, and being smart about what you eat can help you stay healthy while staying seated at work.


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