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Tips to Win KBC Lottery

It is fascinating to know that KBC is the best game show in the history of the Indian Game Show because, in this game show, every kind of person is allowed to participate in the game. The main purpose of this game show is to provide the best opportunity to the peoples of India who wants to become a millionaire. Along with this, they are launched the latest Vivo that is famous as KBC lucky draw scheme. In this KBC Lottery, five countries are Dubai, India, Bangladesh, the USA, and the UK. People who want to try their luck recharge their mobile number to enter their name in KBC lucky draw.

Process to Participate In KBC Lottery:

All those participants that participated in the previous seasons of the KBC are not eligible to participate in the upcoming season of the KBC show with the living legend and greatest film star Amitab Bachan. KBC Official Website are registered with all Sim card organizations of the Indian Companies. 

If any participant wants to list his number in the KBC lottery, they don't need to recharge their Sim card. After that, their mobile number will automatically send to KBC. In this way, they can easily call the head office number of KBC and become part of the most famous game show KBC.

Instructions to Increase the Chances to Win:

All the participants of KBC verify their names in the list of lucky people. The person can verify his Lottery on the official webpage of Kon Banega Caror Pati. However, if the person is not known to the real number of the Lottery, match through KBC's helping WhatsApp numbers or their leading. 

The team of KBC is available every time to help all the disappointed participants. Moreover, if the participant has more than one mobile number, he can also be the lottery winner. If the participant can't obtain the KBC lottery in the current month, the winner can be in the next months.

Tips to Win KBC Lottery Easily:

  • Nowadays, the KBC and Lottery are as simple as that. KBC has made it so much easy to secure. Here we talk about some simple tips to win the KBC Lottery very easily.

  • If you want to join Lucky Draw of KBC, you must use a SIM card from any Indian mobile network.

  • It is most important that you have an active SIM card and belongs to any Indian mobile network company.

  • To increase the chances of winning, you must recharge your mobile number daily. 

  • The KBC lottery lucky draw takes place on the last day of every month

  • The results of the KBC lottery are announced on the 1st and 2nd date of the next month.

  • You can easily check the list of winners and lottery results on the official website of KBC.

  • That's why participants get fake calls based on the lucky draw, which is not good.

It is the reason; KBC has made it so much easy to check the online Lottery if you get any fraud calls, so all you have to do is report it to the head office of the KBC.


The enthusiastic staff of KBC will help you simultaneously, and all your questions will answer satisfactorily.

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