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Tips to Write A Better Job Description for A Remote Job

Why do employees contact you for a particular job? They read the job description, and if it is a suitable opening for them, they apply. The job description is an essential part of the job posting and as an employer, you must write it carefully.

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced the concept of remote jobs such as Skilled Remote Personal Assistants, Remote Social Media Specialists, Remote Customer and sales representatives, etc. In such circumstances, job ads played a crucial role in telling the type of employer required for a particular job. Job descriptions are one area that needs to be defined clearly and precisely.

Writing a job description not only means writing essential job functions. It goes beyond that. Most of the time, writing a job description for remote work or in-person is the same. But, sometimes, remote work demands special qualities that must be included in the job description. Therefore, it is important to include some vital elements when writing a job description for remote work.


Write A Clear Title


Your job title is the first thing any candidate will notice. Job titles such as, “marketing wizard”, or “finance champion” are vague and don’t tell anything about the job. Your candidates are looking for traditional job openings whose titles say it all.


Having unclear titles will repel potential candidates, and you will have very low signups for your job vacancy. Thus, it is important to write a professional and clear job title. It should give a hint of what the job is about, for example, “remote human resource manager”. Stick with the job titles that people may be searching for.


Include Qualifications Required For The Job


Many candidates get confused about whether to apply for a job or not when there is no requirement for qualification. Thus, you should include an education section in your job posting and state the requirements clearly.


For example, for human resources, you may need someone who has studied relevant courses in the Master's program. State that in your job description and also ask them to include their relevant certifications while applying for your remote job post.


Include Keywords


Including keywords can step up your job posting game and attract more candidates. Remote work relevant keywords can include words like:


     Remote work

     Virtual work

     Remote SEO Specialists

     Home-based job

     Work from home

     Virtual job

     Remote job


Such keywords will bring up your post through SEO techniques, and make it visible to people searching for a remote job.


Include Technical Requirements


Remote work demands strong technical skills. Because, you, as a manager won’t be there to set their laptop, download software, or set up an internet connection. Your candidate must possess enough technical skills to set these up.


Virtual work often demands a strong internet connection and a working laptop. Include such technical requirements in your remote work job description along with the expertise required in any other software.


State How Remote the Work Is


Your remote job depends on many situations. It can be either permanently remote or perhaps, you are avoiding an in-person job because of Covid-19. Tell your candidates how remote the work is and when you will have to rejoin the company in-person. Include the words like “remote-only” or “50% remote - 50% in-person”. Also, include timings for the job.


Include Company Benefits


Many employers avoid including a salary range and other company benefits. However, it is better to include a salary range and company benefits such as insurance, medical, transport, and more. This not only helps employees to decide to apply to a job but also increases their trust in a company. Be honest and upfront about it.


Final Words


The job description is the cornerstone of the recruitment process. The right kind of job description can help you get the right kind of employee on-board. Featuring your remote job through a reliable remote worker’s platform like Worktually Remote Workers can also give you more exposure and qualified candidates to handle your business activities and different job requirements. 

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