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To Secure Your Future Must Buy Personal Accident Insurance

Once we enter into adulthood, responsibilities start creeping into our lives. We start working hard for a secure and comfortable future; not just for ourselves, but for our family members too. This is the reason why we focus so much on our career. But life is not always an easy walk in the park. You never know when the ride can get a little bumpy. To make sure things do not go out of control in such situations, we secure our future with insurance policies. One such insurance policy is personal accidental insurance. 

But, how a personal accident insurance policy can help secure your future? Life is full of risks, and accidents can happen anytime. We all know how dangerous the Indian roads can be; not just for the vehicle owners, but for the pedestrian as well. Not just road accidents, there are other life-threatening accidents too, which can completely rattle our normal lives. 

Under-construction buildings, electrical appliances, heavy machineries, etc. are some of the other contributors. In the newspapers, every single day we read about accidents; in most of the cases leading to major injuries and even deaths. When such accidents happen, instant financial support is one of the first things the family of the injured or deceased look for. 

While physical injuries can bring in temporary or permanent disability, they can also drain your entire savings. This is the reason why purchasing a personal accidental insurance policy is considered as a good way to secure your future. Even though you cannot undo the effects of the accident, but you can certainly handle the situation in a better way if the financial needs are taken care of. 

What is personal accidental insurance?

Bodily injuries and casualties are the two usual outcomes of any kind of accident, such as road accident, fire accident, accidental drowning, etc. Hospitalization and medical expenses are often very high these days. So, the purpose of personal accident insurance is to provide compensation in the event of bodily injuries caused during the accident. It provides protection to you and your family from the huge financial dent that follows after an accident. As a matter of fact, a personal accident insurance policy covers these aspects-

  • Permanent partial disablement
  • Permanent total disablement
  • Accidental death
  • Double protection for permanent total disability 
  • Temporary total disablement 

Get adequate protection from unforeseen situations 

No doubt, we should be prepared to confront the accidental situations by taking every possible precautionary measure, and doing whatever is within our control to handle the financial impact. When we buy an insurance policy to cover any accident leading to physical injury, it proves to be helpful in so many ways. First of all, it helps by compensating for the hospital and medical expenses. There is no need to mention that the costs associated with hospitalization have increased quite a lot these days. 

A comprehensive personal insurance policy makes sure your family gets total financial help in the hour of need. Broken bones, temporary total disability, burns, and ambulance costs are well covered under these policies. In fact, you can also go for an extended version of personal accidental insurance policy, which includes you family members too. So, under a single insurance policy, each and every member of your family will get protection. 

What does a Comprehensive Personal Insurance cover?

  • Accidental death- In the insured personal dies due to an accident, the nominee of the policy will get 100 per cent of the total sum insured. 
  • Permanent total disablement- If the insured gets into an accident, which leads to permanent disabilities then he/she will get up to 100 per cent of the total sum insured. 
  • Broken bones- In case the insured gets physically injured and any bone suffers fractures, he/she will get up to 10 per cent of the total sum insured. 
  •  Hospital expenses- In case the insured gets into an accident or fall severely ill, which in turn leads of hospitalization, the policy will cover up to 45 days of the expense. 

Apart from them, there are many more aspects covered under the personal accident insurance policy. Even the ambulance expense can be reimbursed by the insured. But who is eligible for this kind of policy? Well, anyone under the age of 65 years is entitled to the coverage. The sum insured usually remain between 2.5 lakh INR and15 lakh INR. Most of the insurance companies also offer comprehensive coverage, which encompasses the entire family under a single insurance policy. 

So, when you get protection from so many unwanted situations, you and your family will certainly feel more protected. It is the onus of every family head to equip his/her family with a comprehensive personal accident insurance policy. Go for it! 

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