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Tools and equipments for cake decoration

Whether it’s a birthday celebration, anniversary celebration, Christmas or a New Year party,Valentine, cake cutting ceremony is always a delightful experience. When we look at the decorated cake at various parties, we compliment the cake, and later on get engrossed in dancing, laughing and enjoying with others. But only the person who has baked the cake knows how much efforts have been invested? Cake decoration is an art, be it a single layered cake or a multi tiered cake, creativity needs to be at its peak.

If you are a beginner, home baker or a professional pastry chef, tools and equipments for cake decoration are must in the kitchen closet. So, here is the list of cake decoration tools perfect for your next cake baking task:

1. Plastic wrap:

Also known as cling wrap, cling film or glad wrap, plastic wrap is helpful in carving 3D cakes.  It helps to emphasize contours by allowing indentations with an object. Plastic wrap is used for versatile purpose like: modeling, molding, cleaning, layering and masking. Another advantage of plastic wrap is that it helps transport a cake safely, without hampering the decoration.


2. Cake board set:

Cake board set is designed to stack cake rounds on top of one another. It helps build a tiered cake of up to three layers. The boards are made of greaseproof white cardboard, so that, you can easily clean up the buttery messes from the icing, without leaving any grease stains behind on the board.


3. Cake decorating turntable:

A cake decorating turntable is a must have in your kitchen closet because it brings best icing on the cake. The table is specially designed to bring convenience while shaping the cake. The cake decorating turntable frees a person to much extent for giving decorative touches and bringing incredible finesse in the presentation of cake.  


4. Cake lifter:

Moving a decorated cake from cake turntable to cake stand is really a hard job. Infact, moving undecorated layers from cooling rack to plate can equally be risky. But, don’t worry; cake lifter is there to rescue all the shifting problems. The non stick surface helps lifter to get slided easily under the cake and then finally move to the final destination. In case cakes are oily, then a light spray of oil is done on the lifter for making slide on and off even easier. Make sure that the handle of cake lifter is sturdy and provides a secure grip; otherwise the whole efforts would go wasted. 


5. Piping bag with Pen nozzles:

The icing piping bag attached with steel nozzles helps create beautiful and attractive toppings with utmost ease. Pens having a fine tip bring out minute decoration on the top. Whether it’s writing a quote - “Happy Birthday”, “Happy Anniversary”, creating curvy designs at the boundary of the cake or creating a flower, pen nozzles are the best pick. These can be easily washed and reused again.  


6. Icing Smoothers: 

Icing smoothers, also known as cake comb are less known cake decoration equipment, but it’s an essential cake decorating tool to have in the kitchen. The tall, side scraper manufactured from durable thermoplastic smoothen the sides of royal iced fresh creamed cakes.


So, next time when you would look at the bakery window and find that beautiful decoration practically impossible, hold you’re thought. All is possible with the baking essentials we have just discussed.  These tools promise cake decoration of pro level, and would be the reason behind the head turners in the party. Enjoy, practice and above all, have fun creating and developing your cake decoration skills.

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