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Tools To Strengthen Your Small Business

If you're just starting your small business, or looking to expand it further into a digital world, or just simply revamp your digital marketing presence, there are a lot of tools and software out there that it can get overwhelming to figure out which one to go with. If you're running the business solo or have a whole company behind you, it's important to know which software and tools specifically will work with you and your business's needs. For example, if you have international clients, you may need to find something different than a hyperlocal small business. However, there are a few basic softwares and tools that you'll need to look into. Use this as your starting guide to strengthen your small business.

Financial Software

Financial software such, whether it's an online HR application or general ledger software, can help save you and your employees' time and and save you some major frustration. Additionally, digitally storing all financial records and information can help you keep finances organized and up-to-date, meaning its easy to access when you need to make a major financial decision.

Especially if you are just starting out with your business, finances can be a huge stress to deal with. Money can also be tight with a new small business, so any software that can help you organize and stay on top of necessary purchases and other financial decisions can help yourself and your business from unnecessary stress and frustration.

Be sure that you are using all the correct protection measures when dealing with online finances, and find a software that will benefit yourself and your business the most.

Market Research Tools

When you're starting your small business or company, one of the major factors in how you decide to market is based on your audience and your niche. By narrowing in on your niche and targeting your specific audience, you'll be able to market more successfully and bring in many new clients or customers. These decisions can also help you figure out what software you need. For example, a business that focuses on business-to-business may need a B2B wholesale platform, while other businesses may need a business-to-consumer platform to help their business.

However, first you need to figure out what your audience needs. A great way to do this is through the use of market research tools. These tools can help you understand your client's wants and needs, as well as some essential characteristics that will help you understand your audience.

For example: what is your target audience's age? How about their gender, occupation and location? Market research can help you identify all of these and more. They can tell you who's clicking on your ads and how long someone is staying on your website.

Market research can also come in the form of focus groups or surveys that you put out. Any survey tools, such as SurveyMonkey, can be used after someone buys your product or visits your website and can help you gain valuable feedback, as well as who is giving that feedback. These can be especially helpful in the beginning when you are first beginning to understand who you should or shouldn't be marketing towards.

Even better, market research tools give you organized reports and analytics that you can use to easily understand the data you have gathered.

Analytics Tools

Analytics, like market research, is essential to the success of your online small business. They can help you understand a lot of crucial elements to your business and come up with detailed reports for you to digest it more easily. Analytics tools such as Google Analytics have features that can help you understand the business's analytics a little bit more, showing you which campaigns are working best.

Analytic tools will do for you what your employees had to do type up in a report previously, leaving them extra time to fully understand what those reports mean.

They are extremely important to grow your business. Additionally, these modern and hi-tech software and tools can help you understand a crucial part of your business in an easy to digest format.

Collaboration Apps

As important as the software and tools that deal with your business, tools for employees are helpful as well. As your small business grows, so will the need to have a streamline of communication for your employees.

Communication and collaboration apps like Slack or Trello can help you organize in all sorts of ways. Different apps have different features that make communication as easy as possible, such as assigning different teams and topics, or calendars to keep meetings and deadlines organized. Always be sure to get feedback from your employees, and keep their convenience at the front of your mind.


An online small business can be a lot to handle, so utilize all the software and apps possible to make it easier for you.

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