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How can I relieve Toothache before Getting to the Dentist?

It’s a common question by many people that How to Stop tooth pain? It’s undeniable that to be relieved from toothache is to see the dentist on priority, but sometimes it gets difficult to go and see the dentist on an urgent basis. Meanwhile, to get rid of the discomfort one needs to take an immediate step to get some relief. 

This article is very informative and everyone out there, as it will provide detailed information about the home remedies that can be helpful.

However the primary cause behind toothache is tooth decay, but it also happens due to bacteria that are just left behind in your mouth, and they thrive on sugar and starches that are found in your food. You might have experienced that whenever you eat something sugary, cold or hot, you will feel sensation in your teeth and that is the very first sign of tooth decay. Tooth decay also leaves spots on your teeth. And when you do drop by the dentist, we'd recommend that you visit this dentist in San Francisco CA.

As it is a very sensitive matter, and the dentist will suggest you some of the best medical prescriptions that will help you to get relieved permanently.  But to get toothache relief, we will suggest some groundbreaking proven methods that will be turned out into an instant-mantra to get some relief. Below you will find home remedies for tooth pain.


“Eugenol” is an active ingredient in clove. It has some outstanding properties like anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory that help to get toothache relief and one of the best tooth pain remedies. It's effortless to use as you will only need to place clove under the teeth and grind it with your teeth as it will release oil. It will have a bitter taste but do not spit out but instead wait for 3 to 4 minutes and rinse your mouth with water. Clove oil is also available in the market; you will need to dip a piece of cotton and apply on the teeth that hurt.


In the same way as clove have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties garlic also have the same properties that help to fight against pain. It contains allicin, which fights against bacteria, it’s used in the same way as clove.

Warm Saltwater

Many people use warm saltwater for a sore throat, but apart from that, it is also beneficial for toothache. If you rinse your mouth with warm saltwater it will give you instant relief. All you need is to add one tablespoon of salt into 8oZ of warm but not hot water. Rinse your mouth, and spit it out. It is an excellent home remedy for severe tooth pain.

Guava Leaves

At first glance, it seems strange that how guava leaves can help out to alleviate toothache, but ancient Turkish traditions along with modern medical science have proved that chewing guava leaves until or unless it releases water like substance, is beneficial for pain.

All of the above mentioned tooth pain home remedies are proven and has no side effect. But remember these remedies will not give you relief permanently and ultimately you will need to visit a dentist. You can also visit for more detailed information.


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