Top 10 Amazon Account Reinstatement Services for Unblocking Your Suspended Account


Good day everyone. Review of the popular Amazon Account Reinstatement Services.

To register, you need to provide an email and come up with a password - everything is very simple, so I will not describe this process in detail. After registration and further, to enter the Amazon account, they send One Time Password (OTP), a one-time password to the email for security purposes.

There is just a huge selection on Amazon account reinstatement service (talked about payment and delivery), it's a pleasure to buy in this online store. You can buy goods that you rarely find. Expensive one-by-one delivery of goods is a disadvantage.

You can Opt for These Top 8 Amazon Account Reinstatement Services

What to do when you have restricted access to the listing or even your entire Amazon account. It doesn't matter if it's due to a real customer complaint or a competitor's intrigues - no one wants to lose their business like this, due to account blocking or listing by Amazon services. Here we will take a look at some of these account reinstatement services for providing legal assistance in resolving issues with Amazon services:

1. Reinstated Pros

Reinstated Pros provide personalized Amazon appeal letters and action plans for merchants who have their account blocked.

They charge a fixed fee, and further replies, if required, come at no extra charge. Instructions are provided on how to make changes to sales practices to avoid repeated suspensions.

Escalations, if necessary, are handled and the whole process is supported via live chat and email.

2. eComAttorneys - Francissen Rafelson Schick

EComAttorneys works with clients on complex tax issues, restoring suspended Amazon accounts and listings and protecting intellectual property through trademarks and patents.

The team includes an attorney who is a million dollar Amazon seller, a tax agent, and experienced patent and trademark lawyers.

3. ecommerceChris

Former Amazonian Chris McCabe specializes in Amazon account security and appeals.

Account protection services include a full account audit, performance metric assessment and recommendations, creation and maintenance of cases in the seller's support service, handling quality alerts, preventing listings from hijacking, validation and reporting on counterfeits.

Suspension services include appeals and POAs, reinstatement of blocked listings, and Bezos escalation letters.

4. Amazon Sellers Attorney

Licensed Amazon Seller Attorney for Amazon Account Suspension Appeals, Listing Removal Appeals, Listing Hijacking, Action Plans, Escalations, and Arbitration.

Amazon Sellers Attorney provides a free consultation to recover Amazon seller accounts and listings.

5. eGrowth Partners

EGrowth Partners provides a wide range of services for Amazon sellers to grow and protect their business.

Services include category unblocking, Shabbos Goy customer service, product review audits, brand registration submissions, account suspension prevention, account ratings, and list and account suspensions appeals.

6. Suspension Experts

Suspension Experts offers outsourced marketplace management, including listing creation, optimization, customer service, growth consulting, account performance improvement, and more.

Other services include Amazon suspension appeals, customer outsourced customer support for Amazon and eBay sellers (under the We Know Email brand), one-time consulting calls, seller training, and bulk product updates.

7. Amazon Sellers Lawyer

Amazon Sellers Lawyer is a law firm that provides a licensed attorney to handle Amazon suspension issues from a legal perspective.

The process begins by examining the seller's performance, customer metrics, and alleged policy violations that led to the suspension, which are then analyzed to develop an action plan.

8. Feedback Repair

Feedback Repair offers a wide range of services for Amazon sellers, including removing reviews, assessing metrics, consulting, product research reports, optimizing listings, restoring products, and restoring accounts.

The service works with sellers at all levels.

Disclaimer: These services are taken from the Web Retailer resource, which claims to be reliable. We are not partners or interested parties of the above companies, using them or not is everyone's private business.

Unlocking Amazon account after email

Can you please tell me if you have encountered this problem? What exactly do they need to send for confirmation?

Amazon often blocks new accounts when trying to pay for an order if the virtual address of a postal intermediary is used as a billing address. Although they can block the account even if the billing address is real.

To unblock your account, Amazon requires you to provide a scan of your debit or credit card (all digits of the card number, except for the last four, must be covered up for security purposes), as well as your name and billing address.

Previously, documents had to be sent by fax, but now you can attach scans.

What documents are better to send to Amazon to unlock your account?

·         Scan of the passport (since the name in it is indicated in Latin letters). Instead of a foreign passport, you can try to send a driver's license or an internal passport.

·         Debit / credit card scan (only the front side and always with smeared digits of the card number, except for the last four)

·         An extract from online banking, in which the required transaction for paying for goods in Amazon is visible, as well as a screenshot of the card account details (in general, Amazon wants to see a statement indicating the billing address).

·         A text document indicating the name, billing address in Latin, email address, phone number and order number. The billing address should be yours, not the address of the bank or postal intermediary. The phone should also be yours, not an intermediary.

What to do if Amazon has blocked an account, how to restore the seller's page

Why did Amazon block the account, how to recover it and how to prevent the possibility of further blocking? These questions are relevant for every seller on Amazon.

When registering on the Amazon site, most users do not read the agreement, but automatically tick the box “I agree”. And if one day, trying to go to his page, the seller receives a notification that his account is "under review", he may not even guess about the reasons for the blocking.

What seller mistakes can lead to a ban on Amazon? The most common ones are:

·         Opening a second merchant account. Doing this is strictly prohibited. The exception is when Amazon itself has given permission to open multiple accounts.

·         Low quality metrics. Amazon closely monitors the level of customer service, so sellers who ignore user messages and have a lot of negative reviews about purchased products will sooner or later be blocked. Frequent refunds will also not go unnoticed by Amazon. Therefore, if you are selling a product, you need to take care of your reputation.

·         Sale of fakes and prohibited goods. Since the opening of the trading platform, Amazon has been fighting fraudsters. If you sell counterfeits, any customer complaint will result in your account being blocked. As for prohibited products, you can study their list on the Amazon website itself.

·         Selling products that do not match the listing. If you have received three returns per listing, we advise you to search for their reason, first stopping the sale.

·         Copyright infringement. Blocking an account due to the use of someone else's pictures and copying someone else's listings is one of the most common reasons for banning sellers' activities. In addition, theft of intellectual property is punishable by a large fine by law.

·         Diverting clients to your site. If you advertise your own website using the Amazon platform, the company will sooner or later notice it. Do not post third-party links on packaging or product pages, and do not try to steal customers by sending private messages.

How to unblock your Amazon account

If Amazon has closed your account, the only solution is to unblock it. Don't try to create a second account to sell products through it. They will also be closed. Amazon can detect links between pages quite quickly by checking your IP address, flash objects and other browser footprints, as well as bank account, name, address.

So how do you unblock Amazon? First of all, try to understand why this happened. After that, you will need to contact Amazon technical support, ask to unblock your page and try to explain to them what really happened.

The human factor plays a major role when communicating with a company employee. Try to convince him that you will correct your mistake and will no longer violate the rules for selling products.

Top 8 blunders after banning an account on Amazon

Imagine that your Amazon Seller Account has been blocked. What will you do? Read on for some practical tips to avoid the common mistakes that can make things worse when trying to unblock your account.

It should be noted right away that the process of recovering an account is lengthy, and it is extremely important to follow the correct procedure from the very beginning in order not to aggravate the situation when trying to unlock your account.

1. Take your time to file an appeal

Almost every seller is sure that he must urgently do something in the event of a blockage.

It is often in such a situation that you rush and get the wrong plan of actions to help you, and, as a result, use the “appeal” button ineffectively. Less and less often Amazon restores accounts on the first appeal.

The exception is when there are some minor violations of the rules. Basically, recovery is carried out over several days or even weeks.

This is the main reason why it is so important to compose all your support messages as completely and correctly as possible.

Unfortunately, Amazon experts will not ponder your question for a long time and deeply.

2. No need to open a new account

If an account is blocked, an ordinary seller thinks that he can simply create a new account in order to make sales from it. At the same time, the seller uses new names and other bank details, believing that he has cheated Amazon, and starts selling again. Unfortunately, this does not resolve the issue.

Amazon uses many tools to track the activity of sellers, and when new accounts are discovered, they will be linked to the main ones. As soon as this happens, you will receive a ban on both accounts. And now these accounts can no longer be restored.

So focus and write a quality appeal without wasting time looking for options to scam Amazon.

3. Do not change or falsify invoices

Sellers today worry that Amazon does not allow goods from unfamiliar sources (from unverified suppliers) to be placed in their warehouses.

Therefore, after an account is locked due to "inauthentic inventory", sellers decide to rewrite invoices to meet Amazon's requirements, or create invoices that appear to be from a vendor to submit to Amazon, in the hope that this will solve their problem.

As a rule, this does not solve the issue, but only interferes with successfully unblocking the account.
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Even a small change in the invoice has negative consequences.

Thousands of invoices go through Amazon support every day, so they can easily distinguish between original invoices and corrected invoices.

Therefore, in cases where you buy goods from little-known suppliers from Asia or companies that are engaged in retail, or any other companies, submit authentic purchase documents to support.

4. Do not contact Seller Support using the mailbox or seller account

Seller Performance Team is a department that provides assistance after blocking a seller's account. This department does not help over the phone. The only way is by email.

Contrary to popular belief, the Seller Support Team is unable to influence the blocking outcome.

Oddly enough, many account lockout emails include a notification that the seller should contact Seller Support directly.

Seller Support does not directly restore the account, and sometimes they can give advice that will only prevent you from successfully and quickly solving the problem.

On top of that, such advice goes to the seller directly from the Amazon department that he trusts and follows.

You can also ask Seller Support for advice, but make sure you meet the Seller Performance requirements before proceeding.

5. Don't be rude Seller Performance

In any case, no matter what happens during account recovery, don't be rude to the Seller Performance Team. Many sellers are so upset when blocked that they do not comply with this rule and send letters containing complaints or inappropriate vocabulary. As a result, this not only does not help in solving the problem, but also hurts.

You need to understand that blocking your account is a mandatory part of running an Amazon business. In a situation where you received a blockage, calmly analyze the situation, concentrate and prepare the correct plan of actions.

6. Don't send too many letters when filing an appeal

After sending your first appeal, it is best to wait a week before giving additional information or documents. The time when not only automatic answers, but real solutions to questions, you could get within a day, alas, has already passed.

It is extremely rare that an account can be restored during this time. The reason is the significant workload of the Seller Performance Team.

Also keep in mind that Seller Performance often does not send a message that the appeal was accepted, this is in the order of things, do not be nervous.

As a rule, the seller is worried and believes that his appeal did not reach Seller Performance. Therefore, everyone submits many appeals, usually with slightly altered text or reasons, hoping that some kind of appeal will be successful.

In most cases, this only increases the time it takes to make a decision and restore an account.

After all, all this confuses Seller Performance, as a result, they do not understand which of the appeals the last is, and which should be taken into account.

7. Don't blame buyers!

Sometimes the seller, when filing an appeal, tries to shift the responsibility for what happened to the buyers or Amazon.

Amazon is a customer-focused company. Amazon's Terms and Conditions and Application Policy have been designed to ensure the best possible customer experience.

Therefore, any appeal that charges the buyer is doomed to be rejected.