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Top 10 Best Kayaking Trips Around the World

Fill your every annual, worldwide vacation with adventures, closer to nature, and more impactful for soul. 

These holiday flashes with kayaking would be the best choice to hold you calmly among true wildness trees, from Amazon world’s longest river to the polar Arctic Sea (northernmost part of earth), which will surely let you talk with nature directly, like never before...

In this article, we’ve collected some best locations for kayaking across the globe. These destinations have much about nature to explore, which (without kayaking) won’t be possible.

Before we move forward, you must checkout for in-depth guide, you can easily find out the different types of kayaks, if you want to buy any fishing gear.

So, let’s get straight into the list!

  • Croatia | Dalmatian Coast & Islands

Croatia comes in Central Europe and touches the coast of Adriatic Sea. The world’s most rugged or Stoney coastline, popular for resort destination, is Croatia’s Dalmatian coast, with hundreds of offshore islands. It’s clear water, green sacks of islands in blue Adriatic sea, and Dalmatian cuisine make it an attractive point for proper and adventurous kayaking vacations. 

The irregular islands closer to the beach opens a big heart of crystal clear lagoon which is another side of nature. And because of these natural assets, Dalmatian has become Europe’s most visited tourist spot worldwide.

  • Ecuador's Galápagos Islands | Group of eastern Pacific Ocean

This group is located at the west of the Republic of Ecuador, with a total of 13 different-sized volcanic islands spread from the equator. The province of Galápagos grows into two big water destinations, i.e., Galápagos Water Park and Galápagos Water Reserves, which is ultimately an enchanting spot for water-nature lovers and water athletes.

Kayaking in Galápagos is exceptional and you’ll see many endemic species there, which will add more scope of nature to explore.

  • Canada | Vancouver Island

So, after you’ve deep-dived into Canadian ground shows and attraction spots, let’s get tickets for Vancouver Island which is a shocking natural water attraction after Niagara Falls. 

Unlike other islands with noisy and messy bonding with stalls and resorts, Vancouver is known as a silent water planet, which retains beauty, charm, and eternal peace of mind if someone kayaks through its tranquil allure.

Go and visit this place in summers, when the temperature there is 26-28 Degree Centigrades and your kayaking trip will get a fine beginning. 

  • Amazon | Longest River of South America

The planet is not all about clearwater attractions, with backs of mountains and eye-catching long coastlines. Many places like the Amazon River have got millions of nature explorer’s favorite location icons, which drive thru wildlife views through water, while kayaking.

We know that Amazon Rainforest produces thousands of aquatic and land species which are interesting to see and explore more about. Kayaking to explore these species while passing through thick and suspicious trees would surely make this trip adventurous and remembered. 

  • Eastern Greenland | Sermilik Fjord

Sometimes, when it’s extremely hot in outer world, the core regions, such as Sermilik Fjord of Greenland, can be a fantastic and peaceful destination for kayaking. 

It’s a polar region, filled with big chunks of icebergs’ broken pieces, swimming in cold crystal water, and boundaries covered with big ice balls. 

Nature has granted this destination both water and aquatic life beauty. So while you’re paddling through a freezing maze of floating icebergs, spot whales and seals, swimming in your same route.

  • Africa | Zambezi River

Wanna visit a river but game stabilizer for many National Parks and natural habitats of birds and fish species? Zambezi River has been observed as fourth largest river flowing at a massive scale.

Kayakers have an attraction towards its popular Victoria falls and Dams, built for hydroelectric power production.

The versatile flow of Zambezi from the great Indian Ocean to many small national parks and dams has no example found.  

  • South Pacific Fijian Islands

Fijian Islands has basic two divisions of Islands which further make chains of smaller islands and a total of 322 islands. 

It got its attraction from blue clear water which is magical when it gives view of beach sand under the tranquility of flowing water. 

The worldwide travelers have mystic vacations starting at Fiji with kayaking routes defined throughout the connections of islands, and they can stay in nearby villages, where they could get information of most insane locations to explore. 

  • Mexican Beach | Isla Mujeres

The point where the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea meet is not just ordinary but called Isla Mujeres which is an island of white beaches and soothing sand. 

Since the water is tranquilizing and beautiful through its cultural vibes, kayaking here is such an amazing option to consider. 

  • United States | Na Pali Coast

While looking at the sharp tips of mountain troops at the back of Na Pali Coast, United States, an encaptivating force from nature will surely blind you in a colorful and eye-catching environment. 

The carpet of elegantly flowing water of Na Poli coast has a magnet for kayaking adventures. People from all around the world have admiration to visit this spot everytime, they specifically come for water-body vacations. 

  • Scotland | West Coast

The West Coast of Scotland is a golden asset of happiness for kayakers, with its broad scenes, high skies, exciting seascapes, fanciful palaces, striking wildlife, first-rate cuisine and refreshings, and gregarious locals.

That’s why those who go there at least once, with kayaks, always wish to go once again!

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