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Top 10 Big Brands and Their Iconic Logos

A logo is the visual identity of a brand, which can create or spoil the image of a company. The logo of a business holds its reputation, value, quality, togetherness and loyalty. It has seen that a company logo sometimes stresses on a movement or products of that platform. For example, the logo of McDonald’s makes you think of the yummy French fries and cheesy burgers. The BMW logo makes you think of a ravishing car and the Google logo reminds you of a powerful search engine always ready to provide you the rightful answers. More over these, when you see a brand logo it reminds you of the company and the products they deal with. You can read more about why branding matters here and look at inspiring ideas for logo design works on the Theymakedesign blog.

It was not easy to find out and deliver the top 10 brands and their iconic logos in front of you. But after a thorough research, we have managed to provide the top list with histories of these popular brands and their logos.

Warner Bros.

Though, the company started in 1918 but it launched its logo for the first time in the year of 1923. The logo of Warner Bros. was designed by Saul Bass. The iconic shield logo of this popular American entertainment hub was there from the very beginning. Initially, the logo had an image of the studio along with the ‘WB’ mark at the bottom of it. From 1929, they removed the picture of their production house and just curved the letters WB to make it fit into the shield. Since then the style remained same, apart from the form of the logo. The logo also carries ‘Warner Bros. Pictures Inc. Presents’.


This popular search engine was established in 1998 and the logo of it was introduced at the same time. Sergey Brin, the co-founder of this company helped Ruth Kedar to design the logo. The first logo was created by using the GIMP graphic program. It was rough animated structure of the present iconic logo of Google. The previous one also had an exclamation mark to beat then competitor Yahoo!’s logo. After 1999, Kedar enhanced the Google logo which was active till 2010. This logo got immediate fame and became an iconic one, which the company cherished for long 11 years. The next enhancement took place on 6th may, 2010 but the new one didn’t get the same response like the previous one.


Established in 1981, the logo of MTV was designed by Patty Rogoff and Frank Olinsky. The creative director of the company Fred Seibert also made his contribution in the development of this logo. From the 90s to 2000s, the company has changed its logo for several times. Several colors have been applied to make it look innovative every time. After 2000, The Company kept the M and scrolled the ‘TV’, which remained till 2009. This time, the company put several images on M and kept the ‘tv’ in white.


Founder Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore started this extremely popular tech hub Intel in 1968. The logo of this company didn’t go through any major change. The logo became highly popular, when the company launched it as ‘Intel Inside’ in 1991. This logo signifies the brand name and its popularity in it and it is enough to emphasize the power of a brand itself.


This popular American coffee company and coffee house chain started in 1971. The Starbucks logo features a two tail mermaid from the beginning. Just the concept and format has changed with time. At the beginning, the logo used to feature ‘Coffee, Tea and Spices’ at the bottom of it from 1992, it started featuring only Coffee along with the same mermaid at the middle of it. From 1997, the company zoomed on the logo and gave it bare chest look, which then was in black and green now. The present logo is so popular that it doesn’t feature the name of the brand or coffee. This is the proof that how a logo can boost a business to its fame. The latest change was made in 2011 and in the journey of a long 40 years, this company has made its reputation sky-high and established own benchmark.

Starbucks logo


This internationally recognized clothing company was established in 1850. The present Levi’s logo is much simpler than its generic one, which used to feature two horses at the background and the name of the complete name of the company as ‘ Levi Strauss & Co. The month and year of establishment was also included in its first logo. Even till date the logo with two horses are found on the patches of the jeans to emphasize the originality of the brand and the product. With time logo became simpler and after its 2011 enhancement, now it features the curved outline and the Levi’s printed inside.


This globally acclaimed soft drink manufacturing hub was started back in 1893 and its logo was introduced after few years of its launch, in the year of 1898. The founder of Pepsi, Caleb Bradham designed its first logo which was changed after few years. With time logo became simpler and the popularity started growing among people. At present, the simple bi-color logo in red and blue with the brand name has its own impact and only the symbol apart from the name of the company is enough to make people think of its refreshing soft drinks.

Pepsi logo


When we have already talked about Pepsi, we can’t forget its biggest competitor in the market. Established in 1886, Coca-Cola earned fame right after entering the market. Being a versatile soft drink manufacturer, it served people for years without designing a specific logo. The name of the company recognized as its logo written in a specific style. With time, it has modified from black to red. The clarity and simplicity of its logo has made a mark in people’s mind and this is probably one of the vital reason that people remember the name of this company instantly, when they think of soft drinks.

cocacola logo


Though, the company was launched in 1963 but its logo was introduced in 1971. This elegant sports shoe maker is one of the recognized shoe manufacturers across the globe, which has earned its fame for its quality product and simplest logo. Though, at present it features the right sign in its logo but initially the name of the company used to be there at the top of the symbol. Always stayed in the combination of black and white, nowadays this logo features stylish Sian color confidently.


Cupertino based popular mobile manufacturer Apple Inc. was established in 1976. The brand is equally popular like its founder Steve Jobs, who lived an inspiring life and made a huge impact on the modern generation. In 1976, the company logo came out with a picture of a man sitting under an Apple tree, which signifies a story of Newton. The logo featured the name of the company as Apple Computer Co. With time, the half bitten Apple arrived in different colors. Now available in Silver, this logo emphasizes the elegant products and services of the company assuring best quality and elegance in every creation of it.

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