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Top 10 cancer hospitals in the United States

Cancer is one of the alarming problems in all the nations, and the United States itself is having 13,776,251 people living with this problem. Every year the reports revealed by the U.S News and World Report makes a list of the top 50 cancer hospitals in the United States. However, the experts have pointed out some of the hospitals which have specialized and excelled in the field of Oncology or Cancer. The hospitals which have been given the top ten positions in cancer treatment have proved themselves to be effective in maintaining the standards of the hospital with proper care of the patients as the norms and standards declared by the National Cancer Institute. From New York to California, there are arrays of cancer hospitals which are mentioned below:

• M.D Anderson Cancer Center- One of the leading centers in cancer treatment is the M.D Anderson Cancer Center in Texas to cure the cancer patients and to eliminate cancer through education, patient care, and prevention. Texas is known for the three major cancer treatment centers in the U.S. The hospital extends its care to 1, 35,000 patients, and 20,000 people are employed once a year.

• Memorial Sloan Kettering hospital- One of the oldest cancer hospitals in the city of New York is the Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital. The hospital was founded in the year 1884 by a group of businessmen, and the hospital has several expertise and professionals who are designing plans suitable for cancer patients of all ages- children and adults. The doctors working here are performing research activities to create new ways of fighting cancer. It cures nearly 100 subtypes of cancer, and some of the treatment locations include Silerman center for Rehabilitation, Evelyn H.Lauder Breast cancer, and Bedheim Integrative Medicine center.

• Mayo Clinic- Mayo Clinic is one of the famous cancer treatment centers and one of the largest nonprofit medical practices with its campus in Minnesota. The hospital welcomes a large number of patients for diagnosing and providing medications for its treatment. The doctor sometimes refers to the patients, or they schedule their own appointments. The treatments are sometimes done on an outpatient basis which means that all the tests, checkups, evaluations, and the treatments are done inside the clinic itself, and once it gets over, the patients can go back home.

• Dana Farber Cancer Hospital- This Boston based cancer hospital is a renowned hospital for cancer research, treatment, and education. Dana Farber, also known as the Brigham and Women's care center, is now providing high quality treatment services for breast cancers in men and women. The faculty is well equipped with the latest technologies and has professional experts with oncologists, leading surgeons, and radiation oncologists. This cancer institute is particularly famous for breast cancer because the expertized staffs work together to provide the trendiest therapies and curative remedies to the patients.

• Cleveland Clinic Center Hospital- The first priority of this hospital is to care for the patients. The Cleveland clinic hospital is at the forefront of basic cancer research and is offering top-notch services to cancer patients. This hospital has near about 450 expert doctors, nurses, researchers, and technicians that are providing high quality cancer care treatments and therapies. In collaboration with the Taussig Cancer Institute and other 26 surgical and clinical institutes, it is providing a wide range of services to the patients- wide range of support programs to fight back the challenges associated with cancer, clinical trials, and efforts are being made to provide the patients with the best possible innovation and the advances of the industry.

• Johns Hopkins Hospital- Johns Hopkins Hospital is known as the best cancer hospital for the kids. Experts from different discipline come together for practicing precision medicine and provide a home-like atmosphere to the patients. The services offered by the hospital are individualized and of high quality, and these curative treatments are designed in a manner so that the patients can regain their confidence and independence. It has six community hospitals, home care services, surgery centers, and 40 primary and specialty care practices.

• Seattle cancer care alliance (SCCA) - One of the leading inpatient hospitals in Washington is the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, which was established in the year 1998 to serve the patients who have cancer. The SCCA offers treatments to the patients of SCCA, which includes surgeries that will need the patients to stay back in the hospital. Outpatient care services are also being given for gynecologic and prostate cancers.

• Stanford Health Care- This hospital is basically a part of the Stanford University Medical Care, Stanford School of Medicine, and Stanford Children's Health. The health care boasts of hosting 20,000 patients and 40,000 clinical visits every year. The hospital has expert nurses and doctors who work day and night to provide a customized plan specially designed for the patient needs. Because of the fact that this hospital is a part of a university, it becomes easy to combine research, teaching, and clinical cares to provide the trendiest upgrades both in theory and practice. This renowned hospital is known for neurology, cancer diagnosis, and treatment, cardiovascular medicine, and surgery, neurosurgery and organ transplantation.

• UCSF Comprehensive cancer center- The UCSF medical center is considered to be the one of the best cancer hospitals in United States because they are driven by the fact that when the best teaching, best research and best curing services of the patient are combined together, it can provide excellent treatment and curative services to help the world in recuperating.

• H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center- This cancer research center is based in Florida is a multispecialty hospital that provides exceptional services for cancer treatment. The leaders in the research focus mainly on the recent technological innovations and methods that can be easily translated to preventive advances, improve diagnoses, and provide therapeutic services to the patients. Moffitt cancer center instills courage on the minds of the patients because cancer is a disease which works on fear.

These are the top cancer hospitals in the United States using cutting edge innovations and practicing methods to deliver excellent treatment to cancer patients.

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