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Top 10 cutest puppies around the world suitable to be your pet


We all know why dog is called the best pet. Its family oriented nature and helpful behavior makes it a best friend of everyone in the family. Now, in modern families, parents are more concerned about the dogs if they are friendly with kids. When it comes to the kids, the decision has to be made very clearly. At the same time, you won’t prefer buying a puppy which would cost a lot at the time of purchase and during maintenance.  Many times it has been observed that people buy a puppy at a minimum price and later on get suffered because of its growing arrogance and aggressive nature.

If you are looking for an environment friendly puppy at your home you should look for few basic things in your dog. These are –

  • Your puppy should be calm and silent type, because kids don’t like loud barks and impatient pets around them.
  • To be a great partner of a baby, a dog should be energetic too that with time it can play with the kid and let him spend a great time.
  • Dog is always known for its intelligence. Hence you should find out a breed, which comes with natural intelligence that it can protect your family and kids.
  • At last, the main trait in your dog has to be friendliness. If your puppy cannot be friendly with people it would be difficult for you to handle.

Now, here are the list of top 10 dogs whom you can bring home as a puppy and share a great space in your home with your adopted pet.

Basset Hound:

Basset Hound-BMH

Apart from being a hunting dog, basset Hound is well known for its familiar nature. These dogs are not fast and quite lazy to be lurking around your home. Known for being in packs, these dogs are best to understand their family and always remain grounded. This medium size dog weighs 50 to 60 pounds in full growth, which means you can easily keep them at your home as it won’t occupy much space.

American Water Spaniel:

American Water Spaniel Dog-BMH

This high energetic dog is a great hunting companion. If you want these little pets to sleep at night you must ensure that they run throughout the day. They like to swim and love water. These highly energetic dogs love to play around. They are also close to their owners. People love to keep them as their pets because they are equally good as watchdogs.

Barnese Mountain Dog:

Barnese Mountain Dog-BMH

These cute goofy dogs are big enough and calm too. These strong built dogs are usually kept to look after the farms and people find it easy to train them. They love their owners and fit in to the family very well. Though, they can be the best pick for domestic pet but if you have space issue then you must not go for these dogs. But if you have enough space to offer they can happily spend their lives with you.


beagle puppy-BMH

These are again another energetic little ones, who are very friendly and cute. They share a very good space with people within the family. These small sized puppies don’t grow much big and can fit well in your small apartment. These little monsters can be a bit stubborn but they remain active throughout their lives. They gel well with the young members of the family.

Boston Terrier:

Boston Terrier-BMH

Known as the American Gentleman also, Boston Terriers are loved for their black and white marks all around the body. Though people train them to fight but they do not belong the fighting rim by nature. They are always calm and patient. These small sized dogs are very much high-spirited, energetic and intelligent. Best fit for your small home, these dogs make a great family.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

these dogs are mostly known for being lapdogs in the Spaniels. They like to stay close to their masters and lie to cuddle a lot. If you kids love to pamper their pets with a lot of physical touch these dogs are then perfect for your family. Though, they might look calm but they are also very much energetic and active dogs. They like to play around and remain active. They get attached with people quickly and always remain faithful to their owners.



Another Spaniel born, Brittanys are well known for their active nature. If your family is active enough this would be the right choice of pet for your one. These dogs love to do taska and play around without the lack of energy. But it would be difficult for the owners to leave them alone at the home for long. Easy to train, these dogs prefer continuous companionship and remain close to the family.

Golden Retriever:

Golden Retriever

This is the choice maximum pet lovers, because of their innocent look and soft nature. Golden retrievers have proved to be the best pet dogs ever. They have all the elements in their nature to be adopted in any family. They feel happy if you let them play every time. You can train them easily and the best part is that they never through tantrums. Being a pack breed, they easily get attached to the family members and love to be in the family in a friendly way.

Irish Wolfhound:

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound is another gentle breed in a large body. They were previously used in war fields and no one is ever specific about their breeds yet. These energetic dogs live an active life. They love playing all day long and you won’t find it to be difficult to train them. These dogs are highly loyal to their masters. You just need to make them do regular exercises to maintain their health. They make a great family pet and always go good with the kids.

Curly-Coated Retriever:

Curly-Coated Retriever

This is another intelligent breed on the list, which has curly coats around the body. They are loyal to the masters and athletic in nature. These energetic dogs are gentle companions and friendly in nature. You can spend a lot of time with them without being annoyed by their behavior.

Before you buy a pet for your house and family, you must keep in mind that the puppies are also living individuals and their characteristics may not follow the rules of their nature. Good attention, health care and necessary training can make them the proper companion and it is also important that your family give the same love and care to these innocent pets.

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