Top 10 Educational Software's to Support Effective Learning


Educational software is an umbrella term which refers to technology specifically designed for improving the academic sector. Any software that facilitates learning and makes classroom procedures effective and efficient fall under this category.

Although schools have been notorious for their preference of antiquated teaching methods, technology has recently found more access there. Especially because of the Covid-19 situation urging all sectors to turn to digital assistance. It is also hugely benefits the instructors, administration, and pupils alike. Tech tools not only improve efficiency but also revolutionize lesson delivery.  

In one form or another technology has now become a part of educational institutes. The role of digital tools and techniques is now widening and being incorporated further in the industry. It also allows clear communication between all parties that encourages better performance from all angles. Portals, forums, and other interactive elements are greatly useful in enhancing a student’s academic growth. 

Therefore, we have come up with a list of some of the best software out there for educational autonomy. They are built to improve and enhance learning in more than one way.

1.     Socrative

The designers of this software are a group of engineers and entrepreneurs with education as their passion. Socrative allows instructors to create activities and exercises which students can solve through digital devices.

Via tablets, smartphones, or laptops teachers can assess the results of these virtual worksheets. Moreover, they can also modify the content to suit individual learning pace of students.

2.     Edmodo

A tool that bridges the gap between students and teachers in the form of a social network. It enables teachers to build collaborative groups online, provide and administer course material, measure performance, connect with parents, and more.  

Above thirty-four million users are currently being benefitted by the software. It personalizes, enriches, and aligns different aspects of the learning process revealing more opportunities brought digitally and technologically.

3.     Thinglink

Educators can integrate visual elements in their lessons by using Thinglink. Images made interactive with sounds, music, and text can be created on it for clarifying concepts taught in classroom. The content can also be shared on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. This software offers innovative options for forming learning methods that attracts curiosity of students. Helping them expand knowledge in a way that is interesting and holds their concentration longer than textual material.

4.     Projeqt

Projeqt can be immensely helpful for both teachers and students as it is a great tool for assignment-related tasks. Students can create interactive maps to brainstorm and sort through ideas. Especially while conducting lengthy research projects like dissertation writing, CIPD, CIPS, or even final thesis.

Teachers on the other hand can create quizzes, presentations, videos and more for effective instructing. Class sessions can be increasingly insightful with presentations and customized material to support learning.

5.     ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a uniquely designed tool particularly pertaining to student behavior. Which directly affects academic performance in the long term. Students can receive instant feedback from instructors through the software and earn reward points for commendable attitudes.

This encourages a more open behavior towards learning and performing better overall. It also delivers real time compliments to students such as “Well done, Emma!” for their collaborative efforts. The collected data concerning the student’s behavior can be forwarded to administration and parent via internet.

6.     TED-Ed

This is basically more of an educational platform. It allows lesson creation through joint efforts of students, teachers, and field experts. Anyone who has innovative ideas and looking to expand their knowledge can partake from or contribute to TED-ed. The website democratizes valuable information for both students and teachers. And learned individuals can actively participate in improving education in general for everyone.

7.     eduClipper

Students and teachers can conveniently browse course and reference material on eduClipper. It enables you to collect useful data on any topic and share with others. Through it one can effectively manage online academic material, improve research methods, and store records of student achievements through a course. Teachers can also organize virtual classes on eduClipper and create portfolios for storing relevant data.

8.     Storybird

 As evident from its name, Storybird focuses particularly on developing reading and writing skills by storytelling. The tool allows teachers to create artistic and interactive reading material online. The interface and easy to use so anyone can learn after some practice.

Once completed, stories can be shared through email, printed, or embedded within blogs along with various other options. If they prefer, teachers can build stories with their students alongside providing feedback, manage lessons and organize grades.

9.     Animoto

Animoto is another efficient tool to help you put together videos for academic purposes. The high-quality visual content can be created, shared, and accessed through any digital device. Students are likely to comprehend even the most obscure of concepts through its help. Similar to Storybird, the software is easy to get yourself familiar with.

10. Kahoot!

This fun sounding platform is based on educational questions and games. It is possible to make questionnaires, surveys, discussions, and other support material for improved lesson delivery. They can be shared in the class and students can learn through gamification. Kahoot! brings fun and entertainment to learning allowing for a productive and interesting classroom environment.


Being born in a digital era, students in modern classrooms learn more effectively through virtual tools. Textbooks are essential yet they do become monotonous and insufficient to fulfill the learning patterns of today’s students. Students and teachers can together explore a vast expanse of information through these different software. They not only improve learning but also promote communication, relationship, and an autonomous environment within educational institutes. 

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