Top 10 Fast Food Restaurant Chains in the World


Food is something that everyone needs. Nobody can survive without food. We all need tasty and healthy food for our bodies. While traveling, one always needs the right place to eat. Traveling also explores different cuisine of different countries every body must try Huaraches food it is a famous cuisine of Mexico. Thanks to these fast-food restaurant chains, which are still ready to serve their customers with healthy and yummy food. During traveling, and in our daily life, we need a break from the monotonous schedule, and for that, we need a place where we can go and enjoy our food with friends and family or sometimes alone.


Various fast food restaurant chains globally are serving people. Still, here I would like to mention the top 10 fast-food restaurant chains globally that have earned that reputation among the customers.

  1. Dunkin donuts

  2. Dominos

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  3. Burger King

  4. Starbucks

  5. Pizza hut

  6. Subway

  7. KFC

  8. McDonald's

  9. Baskin Robbins

  10. Tim Horton


This is the list of the main Restaurants in the world; I would explain each of them with their specialty in the coming part.

  1. Dunkin Donuts:

Craving for a yummy dessert or missing your favorite doughnuts? Then this is the right place for you. Dunkin donuts is good for its baking goods. They have almost 11000 restaurants in 3 different countries. Nowadays, they are also offering coffee in different flavors.

  1. Dominos:

If you are a pizza lover and want to have a wonderful experience with the pizza, then nothing can beat the pizza of dominos. Dominos never compromises with its quality. The quality of crust and cheese in their pizzas is something that makes their pizza so unique. They have 10,000 stores in almost 70 countries. Crust styles vary according to the location of the store. They travel millions of miles every week to deliver pizzas to their customers. We can say that Sunday is the busiest day because they have to provide millions of pizzas on Sundays.

  1. Burger king:

If Hamburger is on your favorite list, you must visit burger King and try their burgers' unique flavors. They have nearly 13,000 restaurants in 79 countries. Globally, almost 1 million people visit Burger King stores every day. The signature product of burger King is a whopper sandwich. Almost the sale of whopper sandwich is more than 1.9 million every day across the world.

  1. Starbucks:

Coffee is always the first choice of so many people; whether they are going to work or college, they love to start their day with a sip of energetic coffee. The most leading company for coffee in the world is Starbucks. They have 23187 stores in 64 countries. In the US, 12973 stores are there. They are famous for serving cold and hot beverages, wines, beer snacks. They provide 87000 drink combinations to the people.

  1. Pizza Hut:

if we talk about the largest pizza delivering service globally, then Pizza Hut is on the top. They have almost 5139 stores in 90 three countries. Pizza Hut is the first company to deliver pizza to International Space Station launched on Soyuz spacecraft. About 300 million pounds of cheese is used by Pizza Hut every year.

  1. Subway:

If there is something that deals with the best bread, I would only take the subway's name. They have 42174 restaurants in total in almost 107 countries. The main attractions of the subway are; Submarine sandwiches and salads. In total, over 38 million subway sandwich options are available for the customers. the signature product of subway is the submarine sandwich. Effect varies by the location. the other popular products of the subway  are, tuna, Subway club, roasted chicken, subway melt.

  1. KFC:

Chicken lovers Can never say No to KFC. Because the juicy finger licking taste of the fried chicken gives you a taste that gives you a long-lasting yummy taste of the chicken. It is the second-largest chain in the world. KFC has 18875 stores in 118 countries. Almost 8 million customers visit KFC every day in the US alone. The best thing about KFC is that they discard the chicken pieces; those have not been sold within 90 minutes. The main products on the KFC menu are chicken burgers, finger foods, and popcorn chicken.


  1. McDonald's:

The largest fast-food chain in the world is McDonald's. It has 35,000 outlets in 119 countries. the number of customers who visit McDonald's is 68 million. The signature product of McDonald's is Hamburger. the other major products are sandwiches, soft drinks, desserts, French fries.

  1. Baskin Robbins:

For desserts and best-flavored ice creams, one should always try Baskin-robbins. An American chain of ice That deals with ice creams and cakes. The largest ice cream chain in the world is Baskin-robbins. They have numerous stores in almost 20 countries. the slogan was 31 flavors, which means customers can have a different ice cream flavor every day. the deal with frozen beverages, ice creams, cakes, and frozen treats.

  1. Tim Horton's:

A Canadian multinational fast-food chain restaurant that deals with Donuts, coffee, and other fast food items. They have 4846 food restaurants in 14 different countries. Apart from coffee, tea and hot chocolate are also on the menu. There are so many baked goods like bagels. Their pricing may vary according to the location. They have an "always fresh" policy, and they serve coffee within 20 minutes of brewing.

These are the top 10 food restaurant chains in the world. People love to eat and spend time over there. These restaurants are always trying to bring something new and unique for their customers to provide the best quality to them.