Top 10 Gifts for Flower Lovers


It is a well-known fact that the best gift that can be given to a flower lover is a bouquet. However, a simple flower bouquet is not always good enough, so, it needs to be paired up with something else. Corby florists offer various branded products that can be paired up with flowers to give to flower lovers.

So here, we have summed up some unique floral gifts that can be bought from Corby florists and paired up with a flower bouquet and given to flower lovers. 

  1. Rosewater Spray 

This rose water spray has been prepared by Baja basics. It is 100% pure and is used for skin, hair, and aromatherapy. Rosewater is widely used for soothing irritated skin, tightening skin pores, and maintaining the pH level of the skin. The best products that can be used include skin refreshers, blemish reducers, and revitalizing sprays.

  1. Votivo Honeysuckle 

Votivo honeysuckle produces large aromatic candles. Just a single candle can fill the whole house with a soul-refreshing aroma. The area of their expertise is fruity fragrance candles that last for up to 110 hours. Their products have been created after carefully assessing the experiences of the users. Due to this they offer the best aromatic candles in the market and are a must-have for every house. 

  1. Flower Color Guide 

This simple guide has been prepared by floral designers Putnam and Putnam, that are based in New York. This guide gives a color by color references to flowers. 

  1. TF publishing 2021 pink peony monthly planner 

This is a must-have monthly planner for all flower lovers. The cover page of the planner is filled with beautiful pink peony flowers. This monthly planner will help flower lovers keep track of all of their important dates and functions. Additionally, the planner is extremely portable.

  1. Biossance squalane rose vegan lip balm – hyaluronic acid lip treatment 

It is a 100% natural, petroleum-free lip balm that has been prepared solely by floral extracts. It delivers a long-lasting filling and hydration to the lips. So, there is no longer any need for petroleum to get plump and hydrated lips. 

  1. Gucci Ophidia flora camera handbag 

It is easy to carry a handbag that has been made by Gucci in Italy. The handbag is covered up with various floral designs. It has been made with low environmental impact material. 

  1. Velvet Caviar case for iPhone vintage wildflowers floral 

These are pretty yet strong protective cases for iPhones. They have been developed and produced in New York and have a loyal fanbase of over 1 million customers. The designs are usually hand-drawn on the protective cases with laser printing technology by highly expert artists. These are shockproof cases and come with a one-year warranty. 

  1. Kate Spade New York cherries stripe square floral scarf 

It is an iconic floral scarf prepared by Kate Spade. It is a must-have accessory for all floral lovers. These scarfs have been engraved with beautiful cherry designs. The scarf is a perfect accessory to give off a positive statement. 

  1. Tony Burch happy times floral reversible wrap leather bracelet 

It is a reversible bracelet that can be worn either way. It has a beautiful floral design on one side and a solid color on the other side. The bracelet has been made with top-quality leather and features a belt buckle at the end to wear it.

  1. UIN blossom women’s floral art sneaker

These sneakers are super adorable and feature an elastic band in place of shoelaces. This makes these shoes easy to wear and take off. They are super comfortable and are specially designed for people who like to travel a lot.