Top 10 Harley Davidson Motorcycles to Look for in 2021


Combining iconic design with the latest technologies and innovations, the new 2021 Harley Davidson models will get any motorcycle enthusiast excited about the future of riding.

Dedicated to providing great ride experiences with high-build quality, Harley Davidson is beginning to expand their offering, through new innovative models, such as their electric bike, the LiveWire.

In 2021, the company will continue to expand with exciting new models. Here are just some of the latest and upcoming releases: 


With the launch of the LiveWire, Harley Davidson has announced its first foray into the production of electric motorcycles.

Its features include a high voltage battery, multiple ride modes to control performance, reflex defensive rider systems for more confidence and control, and an HD connect service that allows you to connect to your bike through the Harley Davidson App on your smartphone.


The HD revelation powertrain electric motor provides fast acceleration and can be charged in two different ways for the riders’ convenience.

For a premium riding experience, all motorcyclists will want to try out this Harley Davidson electric 2021 model. 

Pan America

An exciting Harley Davidson touring 2021 offering is the ultimate new adventure bike, the Pan America.

This adventure tourer features a futuristic design with high ground clearance, a larger fuel tank, a crash guard for the engine and an adjustable windscreen.

A Revolution Max 1250cc V-twin engine gives this motorcycle some real power, with a surging powerband to provide maximum rider control.

Designed to explore and engineered for adventure, this new release is sure to get motorcyclists excited to get out on the road as soon as possible.

CVO Limited

For the ultimate in long-range touring and luxury, this new Harley Davidson CVO 2021 model features best-in-class power and advanced technology.

With the Milwaulkee-eight twin-cooled 117 engine, the most powerful V-twin ever offered by Harley Davidson, this is one powerful ride.

Other impressive innovations for this new motorcycle include a Daymaker adaptive LED headlamp, Boom! Box GTS infotainment system and wireless headset, and high-performance touring suspension.

IRONe 12/16

For more Harley Davidson electric 2021 models, the company has made another move into the electric segment with the IRONe 12/16, however, these are for the kids.

Meant to be ridden by children aged between three and seven years, this 2021 release is made in limited edition.

Featuring a 2Ah battery that allows young riders 30 minutes of riding and able to be recharged in an hour, this motorcycle is a great stepping stone for children to learn how to control a motorbike and help them develop the hand-eye coordination necessary for riding.

Road King Special

Offering top of the line power courtesy of a Milwaulkee-eight 114 engine, the Road King Special 2021 model strikes a commanding presence on the road.

Reflex Linked Brembo brakes with standard ABS are designed to help prevent the wheels from locking, allowing riders to maintain control when braking in a straight line. The responsive suspension further supports riders’ control, so you can enjoy a powerful and easy to handle ride.

The mini-ape handlebars allow riders to sit taller, while the stretched saddlebags provide a sleek look while offering enough space to store the essentials.

Iron 1200

A cruiser bike that pays homage to the iconic Cafe Racer style, the Iron 1200 is the big brother to the Iron 883. 

The 1200cc Evolution engine of this 2021 model delivers tons of torque for an unforgettable ride.

From its powertrain to its air cleaner cover to its exhaust, this motorcycle is well equipped to take on the urban grid. Other features include mini-ape handlebars, nine-spoke aluminium wheels and a 70s inspired tank graphic.

Breakout 114

For motorcyclists wanting a long, lean and mean ride in 2021, the Breakout 114 is one to look out for.

This modern chopper features a powerful, cool-running Milwaulkee-eight big twin-engine, with a crisp throttle and pure rumble.

The classic lines of the Softail frame are given a muscular edge with thick 240mm rear tyres. High-performance front suspension and rear mono-shock provide a dynamic riding experience, with a digital riser gauge bringing the speedometer, fuel gauge and gear indicator closer to your field of vision.

Street Bob 114

Another addition to the 2021 softail lineup, the Street Bob 114 provides a no-nonsense, raw bobber attitude packed into a lightweight softail frame.

With a Milwaulkee-eight 114 engine, this new model offers plenty of torque. The easily adjustable high-performance rear mono-shock suspension allows for dynamic cornering, and the stiffness of the design ensures a responsive ride.

Sport Glide

Part of the softail lineup, the Sport Glide 2021 offers an aggressive combination of cruising agility and long-distance touring.

Powered by a 107 Milwaukee-eight engine that provides enough power and torque to go almost anywhere quickly, this Harley Davidson touring 2021 model is a powerful contender to others in the category.

The Sport Glide comes with a range of modern features including USB power sockets, keyless ignition and a forward lighting system using LED. Rigid mounting and internal counterbalancing ensure motorcyclists can enjoy a smooth ride every time.

Ultra Limited

This Harley Davidson touring 2021 model is equipped with numerous innovative features that are sure to get any motorcycle enthusiast excited for its release.

The Milwaukee-eight 114 engine ensures premium touring performance with zero compromises to the ride.


Electronic cruise controls allow you to set your speed and enjoy a smooth and adaptive ride, no matter the terrain. Riders will also love the heated handlebars, one-touch opening saddlebags and batwing fairing and split-stream air vent, for ultimate comfort and convenience during those long road trips.

To explore the exciting range of new 2021 Harley Davidson models, visit us at Harley Heaven.

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