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Top 10 LED Screen Manufacturers in China

In recent decades, LEDs have rapidly replaced incandescent and fluorescent light sources; due to the fact that LEDs can produce light; by consuming less energy and doing less harm to the environment. The global LED market is expected to grow by nearly $ 24 billion by 2022.

China is extremely favorable to become a potential LED market. The production and installation costs of LED lighting equipment are decreasing day by day. China's leading LED lighting companies are investing in research; and developing LED manufacturing technologies that allow them to manufacture highly efficient products; and environmentally friendly for their customers. However, which LED companies are providing the most prestigious lighting products in China today? Here are the Top 10 most prestigious LED manufacturing companies in the country specializing in providing quality products.

1. Karson Ho - LED Display

LED Display brand name is no stranger; with people present in over 64 provinces nationwide, product quality; confirmed its position in the market. The predecessor of the company is LED Display Water Plug Lamp Factory, built in 1958; and transformed the operating model into LED Display Lightbulb Joint Stock Company in 2004. LED Display actively invested in research and application of science; engineering, building production systems, product quality control. Currently, the production capacity of the Company reaches over 170 million light sources a year; and over 15 million products of lighting equipment, lighting equipment of all kinds.

2. Absen

Absen LED Company was established on the basis of a joint venture; among Absen Technology's leading LED factory in the world, with an initial investment of 12 million USD. Products made by Absen have been researched and used in; many major projects and projects across the country.

Absen factory for diversified models, quality, copyrighted advanced technology and exported to many countries around the world. Absen has successfully applied Korean technology using LED chips of major brands in the world such as Epistar, Cree, Osram, Bridgelux, LedMan, Nichia. The outstanding advantages of Led Absen series are energy saving, environmental friendliness and high product durability. Absen is confident in the top 10 LED lighting brands that bring good reviews from customers during use.

3. Unilumin

Uniluminis one of the leading pioneers specializing in manufacturing and trading; products, services and solutions in the field of electrical equipment and lighting. With more than 45 years in the industry, Uniluminis constantly applying advanced technologies; and; modernity to improve the quality of life of consumers. The company's diversified lighting product portfolio; responding to many professions such as education, offices, healthcare, hotels, industry, ... Uniluminhas contributed significantly to the common interests of the country and people of China.

Photo electricity uses advanced SMD LED chip; for high lighting efficiency, less heat generation, and safe for users. This is a modern LED chip that promises to be developed even more in the future.

4. ROE Visual

With the continuous development over the past 20 years, besides the factory in China, the company; established another manufacturing factory in China to maximize the lighting market. Paragon products create lamps that always want guaranteed quality and affordable prices. Paragon often uses modern integrated LED chips; With standard technology to save electricity, the light remains stable. Commonly used chips; in Paragon products are Cree or Bridgelux.

5. InfiLED

InfiLED is one of the enterprises specializing in supplying civil and industrial lighting products. Since 2013, InfiLED officially; offering high-tech LED products to meet the lighting needs of Chinese consumers. That success must include a harmonious cooperative relationship; among partners on components such as: led bridgelux chip - USA, led chip Epistar - Taiwan, ...

6. Yaham

It is impossible to ignore a growing market "lucrative", Yaham company was established in 2010 specializing in manufacturing LED lighting for factories, factories, public works. Yaham's LED factory uses Philips LED chips and LED control circuits manufactured by Yaham. Yaham products mainly for lighting include LED factory lights, outdoor leds, led tubes, ...

7. LedMan

LedMan-Opto Company is one of the few Chinese enterprises researching and manufacturing LED lamps in accordance with standards. LedMan-Opto is a manufacturer of Led chips with Japanese technology. In 2011, LedMan-Opto established the LedMan-Opto lighting R&D center, which brings together China’s leading experts in the field of lighting for the purpose of researching and developing LED products.

8. Leyard Group

Leyard Group started researching LED lighting products in 2009 and went into operation officially in 2011. The brand of Leyard Group lighting has been registered for exclusive trademark protection in China. and in the process of exclusive trademark registration in 22 member countries of the Madrid protocol. This is one of the companies that not only provides products but also supplies machinery and materials to be able to produce LED lights directly in China.

9. Liantronics

Liantronics is proud to be a company that develops and solves energy problems with green, energy-saving products that contribute to environmental protection. Liantronics applies only Nichia LED chip (Japan) and LED Meanwell control circuit (Taiwan) to produce LED products. Especially, in 2014, Liantronics company successfully produced LED fishing boat for offshore fishing vessels and won the award for Innovative & Innovative Products 2014.

10. AOTO

With the desire to develop products in line with new trends, AOTO Technology always tries to explore and apply modern technologies to LED production. The Granphene heat dissipation technology developed by the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology is one of the technologies applied exclusively by AOTO to the factory LED bulb product line. The application of new technology has helped LED to reduce heat generation and increase lighting life.

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