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Top 10 Longest Living Animals on the Earth

The lifespan of animal depends on various things such as – their rate of metabolism, sexual intensity etc. Size is one of the important factors, which cannot be ignored too. It has been observed that animal with small size lives less than the bigger ones. It occurs due to the fast metabolism of the small animals. Even the prey animals live lesser than the predators. If the rate of reproduction is considered it has been found that small animals, which have a high reproduction rate live more than the large ones. For example, in dogs Chihuahua or Pomeranian live more than the bigger breeds. The researchers have found that the big animals tend to grow old faster than the small animals which reduce the strength of their bones and cause other diseases.

Here, you will get the top 10 animals which live longer on this earth. This list begins with –

1. Turtles:

One of the favorite animals of many people, tortoises or turtles are considered to be one of the long living animals with an 80 to 250 years of lifespan. As the sea turtles live under water, it becomes difficult to count their actual age but the scientists claim that they live for nearly 80 years. In the other hand, tortoises live more than the sea turtles, which is around 250 years. The long lived turtle till date was 188 years old. The second long lived turtle was around 175 years old. At present, Jonathan the 182 years old turtle is another notable animal in this category, which has witnessed the worldly changed for quite a long time.

2. Tuatara:

After the dinosaur, Tuataras are the descendant reptiles which still exist in the world and they live for 100 to 200 years. Henry, the 112 years old Tuatara is now located in the Southland Museum in New Zealand. The specialty of this creature is that they share features of reptiles, amphibians and fish. Even though they don’t have any ear but they listen quite well. They have the power to see by using each eye individually. Tuataras have the spine of a fish and the spikes of crocodile.


3. Whales:

It has been found that the Whales live for 30 to 90 years but the scientists believe that their lifespan can be between 100 to 200 years. It has been assumed after finding a whale with harpoon stuck in his neck, which explains that the whale is from the previous era of 1890 from when the whale hunt started. Apart from this one, another blue-whale was found which lived for a 100 years. Living on the krill, these whales are basically predators. It has been observed that the Dolphins live more than the whales, which is around 60 to 100 years and the female Dolphins live more than that. The most aged killer whale which was found lived for 103 years.

4. Crocodile:

Known as the largest reptile, Crocodiles can grow up to 22ft. long. Crocodiles can eat almost everything, which they find suitable to fit in to their mouths. They can also starve for weeks and considered as one of the toughest animals on this earth. Though they have enough power to take on any animal but sometimes they are attacked by the tigers, lions, hippos and anacondas also. The crocodile in the Russian Zoo is around 115 years old and it is believed the crocodile, which used to be in Florida died in 1997 at the age of 70 to 80. Usually, Crocodiles can live 50 to 100 years in an average.

5. Lake Sturgeon:

In Canada and US, finding Lake Sturgeon is not so difficult. They can grow up to 6 feet and have a barbell in their mouth. They use the barbell to find their food from the mud at the bottom of the lake. They usually feed on the clams, snails, insect’s larva, fish eggs etc. The 7.3 feet long largest Lake Sturgeon, which weighs around 109 kg., lived for 125 years. Followed by this the other largest Sturgeon lived for 154 years. The lake sturgeon takes time to get matures. Where the men get ready at the age of 19, the female sturgeon can’t reproduce before 23 years. After this, they start giving millions of eggs every year.

Lake Sturgeon

6. Carp:

Carp fish is not usually found everywhere. Found in the forest waters or fresh water bodies, Carp is mostly seen in Asia and Europe. But now, they can be captivated in the other regions, as well. The domestic captivation of Carp is known as Koi, which is easily found in any local water body. It is believed by the scientists and researchers that Carp, Koi, Hanako etc. these are one of the oldest living animals in the world. The oldest Carp, which died in 1977, was 226 years old. Though the carps can’t live long in the wild but the oldest one lived for 65 years.

7. Parrot:

Usually, Parrot can live for 30 to 100 years. The true species of Parrot are cockatoos, African Grey Parrot, Macaws and Amazon Parrot. Cookie, the oldest living cockatoo lived a long 80 years. The 25 inches long Kakapo is 95 years old. The reason they live long is because they are not usually preyed and live in a group for hunting purposes. If they have been taken a good care they can live longer than their lifespan.

8. Elephant:

Elephant can live 70 to 100 years and they are the largest animal on this earth. Mainly found in African bushes and dense forests, their average lifespan is 40 to 50 years. Usually, Asian elephants live for 70 years in average. In the Oregon Zoo, Packy, an Asian elephant resides who is 52 years old. It is observed by the researchers that the elephant in the wilds live more than the counterpart captives. Between 8 to 13 years of age, Elephants get their complete maturity and give birth of a single cuff in every 5 years. For 21 months, the female elephants carry their cubs during pregnancy.

9. Gorilla:

The closest living species of human, Gorillas can live for 50 to 60 years and they can grow up to 6 ft height. In an average, Gorilla lives lesser than the above mentioned animals, which is around 30 to 40 years. The rate of death is more because they are hunted by the Leopards and the male Gorillas live less because of inter-clan fights.

10. Dugong:

With 50 to 70 years of life span, Dugong is one of the oldest living animals. This vegetarian species is found under water. They can stay under water for 6 minutes without breathing. Based on their tasks, the age of both the male and female Dugongs can be measured. The oldest Dugong ever lived for 73 years, as per the records. Usually, the female Dugong gets their complete maturity by the age of 17 but many start reproduction by the age of 7.

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