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Top 10 places to download free background music for web


Music is the main source of inspiration for a very long time. It has always existed in various forms and for the past many eras. Since the advent of digital media, we have come a long way. From the time of simple web pages with flashing fonts, to hopping letters of the words, and so on. Here we are with multiple options and tools, with the new-age Internet browsing pages that can virtually carry us into the thematic environment of the specific genre. The variety of multiple creativity options for any web page today can produce, new and entertaining Internet experience without any doubt. Web developers not only concentrate on giving the beauty and ease of access to a particular website, but also work on developing and updating new trends of browsing, for a better customer experience.

Music is the essence of soul and a life to the dead and unsaid words. Music gives life to the stationary visuals or the static objects, as well as any videography no matter how professional it might be. In this rapidly developing age, digital media is one of the leaders topping the techno race. Similarly, the music at any digital platform which is added to the memorable event caught in the form of a video or for our professional endeavours, can make a remarkable impact leaving everlasting impression on one’s memory.

Previously many experts had even predicted that we will be living in the digital age of video marketing on the social media platform, and they were not wrong. The data is showing nothing different but that they were absolutely correct. Video marketing has spread like a wildfire amongst the brands and businesses and there is no stopping. The most important factor to look at is to find the perfect track that is best suited to your film, video, vlog, application, or even a video game. It is important to search for the royalty free music and as well as free non-copyrighted music, unless you want to pay a massive amount to the music publishing company.

Music is a display of emotions and sentiments towards any pictography or a shoot of any nature. Most of the brands play with the emotions by placing such a background music that exactly co-relates to the pictography or a video for any products or services. There is a reason why brands have shifted over the video marketing, and background music plays as a trigger to hit the right message towards the consumer. Almost 90% of the consumers agreed that the videos are helpful in decision making for the people with purchasing power.

Why Do We Need Royalty – Free Music?

Royalty free music is a specific stock of music or production sounds that is available to be used by an unlimited number of users without any restriction. It requires no licensing fees to be paid by the users to the publishers. The benefits of using royalty free music are many but all lies on the scale of cost and legality issues. There are few brands that do not look specifically into this matter of restriction of time or less inclination towards the legality of acquiring copyrighted music. The resources to pay for it also plays an important role in deciding which option to go for. Companies having less resources perceive the royalty free music as a life saver for their brand activation videos. For example, people running their own private business or for a home-based business.

So basically, royalty free music eases out the playing field for start-ups, SMEs and anyone else in need of audacity to their digital content. Let's take a look at the various available websites, for royalty free background music download or subscription available this year.

1.    Non-Copyright Music on YouTube

The YouTube audio library is filled with tons of free songs. You can find a specific song according to the genre, instrument, duration, attribution and even mood. The most used filter is the “popularity” filter. This shows us the songs which are most downloaded by users. To access YouTube audio library all you have to do is to creator studio > create > audio library from your YouTube account. If you do not want to go through this long process you can always search up the channel called non copyright music. This channel focuses on providing all the non-copyrighted music for users to utilise in their videos or live-streams. YouTube is the video giant. Apart from many options, you can expect essentially what it claims its services to be. There are plenty of free background music, to choose from one of the biggest music resources available.

Apart from many options at YouTube, you can expect essentially what it claims its services to be. There are plenty of free background music, to choose from one of the biggest music resources available. It is not very often that such big multinational website on digital platform, offers any free service. It's like getting a bumper prize for those on a tight budget, along with the advantage of using the best of music services on digital media. You might have to search a lot deeper to find what you are looking for but as far as free resources go YouTube’s non-copyrighted music is very hard to beat.

2.  SoundCloud

Soundcloud is one of the most popular music sites that lets you stream unlimited music which includes music made by yourself also. You can download any song you want for free. In fact, it is also viewed as the best alternative to Spotify where you can get online music without paying. In this online music streaming site, all the content is uploaded by independent artists and famous musicians. You can search the song you want according to the artist tags, band names or the name of the song. SoundCloud was recently featured on the list of India’s best music streaming services, as it has an enjoyable list of Hindi remixes for free. However, not all music at SoundCloud is for free. Sometimes you have to like a Facebook page to obtain that track. But many of the tracks can be downloaded instantly by clicking on the download tab. SoundCloud is an extremely popular database and it is not difficult to understand why that is the case. There is a specific Creative Commons section that will give you the ability to download and use tracks that have been uploaded to the site by other users.

3.   Jamendo

Jamendo music website not only allows you to download free music but also allows you to upload and share your music as well. You can join the Jamendo community and find free background music in different genres such as pop, rock, emotional, hip hop, jazz and chill out. This free background download site is a massive resource for music files, featuring songs from a variety of locations as well as tracks that are in a number of different languages. This site also has a radio feature along with the free download feature which many people love. All the songs uploaded at Jamendo Music are protected by the Creative Commons License which means that you can safely download music offered on the website. The content available on this site is independent music so if you are searching for mainstream tracks you will probably have to pay or look somewhere else. Music explorers love this software as they have a well-curated playlist and radio stations that are regularly updated. Jamendo also helps creators to get a license music for your video, commercial or film at fair prices. Jamendo is loved by many people because of their enjoyable music selection and as well as their dedication to giving back to their artists. They even have a special program for business chains who need a great radio station for each of their stores.

4.  SoundClick

Sound click is the best place to download music directly from the artists’ websites. Sound click has several artists on their platform who offer their music for free. You can also buy licensed songs or download free ones legally. Sound click has enjoyable collections of songs which one can explore according to the genres. Once you have signed up on the website you can stream or download them as per your needs. Although the graphical user interface of this website is not very user-friendly, but there are some cool features such as creating custom radio stations, interacting with other listeners and reading about your favourite sound click artists. There is also an amazing feature that allows you to mail personalised e cards to people on any special occasion, with custom text and any background music of your choice.

5.  CCTrax

The songs on CCTrax are available as creative common music so it’s safe and free to download music from CCTrax. This website has a very user-friendly graphical user interface where you can search for music according to license, genre, label, and artist. However, this website offers online songs in a handful of categories such as electronica, dub, techno, ambient, etc. But you can listen or download the tunes without creating an account and there is also an option of getting the entire album at once. This database is mostly famous because of the great deal of music that can be found here.

6.  AudioMack

AudioMack is an emerging music sharing platform that has a user-friendly graphical user interface which makes it the best alternative of SoundCloud. This free music download website is a very good hub for artists, labels and music lovers for discovering amazing music. Audio Mack has well categorised sections such as top songs, top albums and trending. These categories are listed as the best categories to help you to discover great songs. Not all the tracks on AudioMack are free but many artists offer their tracks and remixes music for free. However, you can stream an unlimited number of songs through the website on desktop PC or on phones through free IOS and Android app.

7.   Free Music Archive

This site lets you search by the type of Creative Commons License you’re willing to work with or you can filter out only background music in the public domain. In this software there are over fifteen hundred tracks tagged as public domain and which allow for commercial use. Free music archive is one of the most popular online websites for discovering a range of curated background music and sounds for all type of content. All the MP3 tracks available on free music archive are legal to use and non-copyrighted.

8.  Amazon Music

Amazon Music has more than 56,000 free music tunes and some tracks that can easily be incorporated to your video as backgrounds. Like many others, Amazon as well organise their tracks by genre which makes it easier to use and search the specific tune. The only negative small aspect of Amazon is that it has a limited capacity of its search engine leaving you of having less ease of search for the right track.

9.  Audio Blocks

If you want to find the best quality music and sound effects, audio blocks is the go-to source. Along with your subscription of audio blocks you can get access to unlimited downloads of hundreds and thousands of tracks, loops, sound effects and other collections. One of the most liked features of this software is that a slide bar is given to specify the exact length of a track. This is very useful for specific timing in videos.

10.   FreePlay Music

If you are looking for some real good tracks for your serious quality work, FreePlay is the place where you can find all top-notch collection of music. Though it involves a little higher cost, it’s one of the most useful ones. If you are using it for your personal use on YouTube you can easily access all of the tracks for free. Also, it is most convenient for the business needs, for example, presentations, advertisements or brand activation produce, this is the place to get music easily.

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