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Top 10 Smoking Tips For Smokers, From Beginners to Experts

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Whether you’re a seasonal smoker or a one-hit wonder, there’s always room to improve your high. From essentials to extras, we’re covering the top ten tips for your smoking pleasure.

Tip #1:

Quality Over Quantity

Perhaps the most essential tip on this list is get good weed. It might seem like an obvious tip, but the better your weed quality is, the better your smoke and high is. While you don’t need to get a top shelf product for all your smoking adventures, know the product you’re getting.

Tip #2

Know your strain

Again, seems like something everyone would know, right? But you’re at a party, someone passes you a joint and all of a sudden, you realize you’ve inhaled some indica when you thought you were taking a hit off some sativa. Whether you’re looking for indica, sativa or a hybrid mix, know what kind of high you’re looking to have and get the right kind! That includes your edibles too!

Tip #3

Weed Delivery

While you can always find a local dispensary, nothing beats having your weed brought to you. Imagine chilling by the pool and hitting up a Palm Springs weed delivery instead of heading to a dispensary and it being delivered to your door. Trust, it's the move. Open up a quick google search and search dispensaries near me then sit back and relax while that OG kush comes to you.

Tip #4


Nothing, and we mean nothing, kills a cough like a cold cup of water. If you’ve ever taken a hit that’s smacked you right in the chest or the lungs and you’re struggling with that deep cough, grab some water and sooth your insides. It’s super important to stay hydrated while you smoke.

Tip #5

Good Music

Grab yourself some good speakers, find a fire playlist and hit the play button because nothing will kill your high faster than music you don’t enjoy. There are plenty of playlists designed to boost your mood, so why not create one filled with your favorite music to amplify your high?

Tip #6

Roll a Proper Joint

It’s easier said than done, but having the perfectly rolled joint makes a huge difference in high and inhalation. If it’s too tight, it might be too hard to smoke, and if it’s too loose, it doesn’t smoke as well and it’s a waste of weed, but you can also risk some weed falling out. Having a perfectly packed joint provides the right kind of smoke, and if you can’t roll it yourself, refer to Tip #3 and get yourself some weed delivered. 

Tip #7

Inhale Properly

We’ve all seen that smoker, the one that takes a tiny hit, doesn’t inhale, then complains they’re not high. It’s really as easy as one, two, three. Take a breath and inhale properly for the best high. It’s not just breathing in and holding it in your mouth, but actually taking it to the lungs to get the full effect.

Tip #8

Get Good Accessories

Whether you’re rolling a joint or smoking from a bong, getting the right gear is important. Get yourself a quality grinder, pipe, bong or whatever your preferred smoking accessory is. Trust, it makes a difference if your weed isn’t grinded right or if your bong isn’t of high quality. 

Tip #9

Clean Your Accessories

In addition to having well-made accessories, it won’t make much of a difference if your pipe is crusted over. Warm water and soap go a long way when it comes to cleaning your favorite pipe. Use it. Get your accessories nice and clean before you pack that pipe or bong.

Tip #10

Surround Yourself With the Right People


Lastly, find the people you want to be around when you’re enjoying your high. It should go without saying, but even if you follow the nine tips above, if you find yourself with people who rub you the wrong way, your high won’t be a mood. Even if you’re a solo smoker, put yourself in a position that gives you the kind of high you want. If you’re with people who don’t amplify your high or an area that worries you, chances are your high will be less than awesome.

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