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Top 10 Tips for a Successful Brand Activation

Brand activation is the art of making people know a brand by creating awareness through engagement and experience.

Brand activation campaigns are essential when starting a business or launching a new product. However, they can also be used to get an established brand recognised.

Check out the following 10 tips for bountiful brand activation:

1. Let them experiment.

Most of the leading brands use experiential marketing for their brand promotions. There is no better way to make your brand stick in potential customers’ minds than by letting them experience the product first hand.

2. Give free samples.

Letting people experiment with your brand’s products is an effective way to attract new customers. However, giving them free samples to take home will work even better.

Providing samples gets people talking about your product and spreading the word.

3. Organise a promotional activity.

Set up an indoor promotion. Potential customers will stop by to learn about the brand and its products. Take the opportunity to let them experiment with the products or services.

If possible, give them fliers with more information about the brand along with some free samples.

4.  Embrace uniqueness.

Create memories with your potential customers, and they will not forget about your brand.

The best way to steal people’s attention is by coming up with something they’ve never before seen. If you cannot come up with a unique brand activation plan, then make sure your brand’s products are unique.

5. Don’t overlook compatibility.

To have a successful brand activation, you have to ensure your concept is strong enough for people to buy it. Most brands ignore the importance of harmony.

You don’t want to look like a liar; promoting one thing and offering customers different results. You also don’t want to send a message that is contrary to your brand.

Make sure every idea sticks to the nature of the brand.

6. Budget for your brand activation.

It might be tempting to splurge, but spend only a reasonable amount on brand activation. Do not use money blindly on the activation. Instead, plan a reasonable budget that will support an affordable and quality brand activation.

7.  Know your target market.

Who is your target customer? Knowing your target market will help you plan a brand activation that will interest the best potential customers. The knowledge about your customers will guide you on the costs, quality and other things that would matter to them.

8. Let your customers talk.

Value your customers and build loyalty in return. Allow your customers to speak during promotional events, and listen to what they have to say.

This openness to letting them comment or ask questions about your brand products or services, building trust while also providing insight.

9. Create emotional connections.

Conduct the promotion event in a manner that will create sensory experiences for the customers. Sensory experiences are more likely to create a lasting brand image in customers’ minds.

Playing music creates one sensory experience. Also, try directly involving customers by allowing them to touch, smell or even taste your products.

10. Remember the end goal is brand loyalty, not sales.

Brand activation should not be all about making sales – at least not during the promotion. Instead, the campaign should focus on interacting with customers to create awareness and loyalty for your brand. In the long run, that awareness will lead to those increased sales.

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David Trounce
David Trounce
David is an editor and content creator at Mallee Blue Media. David has a background in small business management and design and lives in Australia.
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