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Top 10 Trademark Registration Companies 2021

The good branding and trademark registration captures the true essence of a brand. It has to, because it is the first face of the company compared to the rest of the world. First impressions matter, and only the best of the best branding agencies can deliver one of international caliber.

In fact, the importance of branding and trademark registration is on the rise. The digital age moves at a fast pace and does not forgive those who have stayed in the last century, both those who left their brand forgotten in a style from decades ago and those who have not updated their branding strategies for new brands. There are all kinds of agencies for all kinds of clients. We present you the top 10 that stand out the most.

Talking about best is almost making a subjective judgment and forces us to ask “what is best?” But this list points to objectivity through a rigorous methodology. This selection of agencies was rated based on digital presence, client size, office location, and project quality.

1.Trademark Terminal

Trademark Terminal is an agency dedicated to branding and trademark registration with young eyes on the edge of trends. It creates projects for young and emerging markets, with craft nuances in each identity that comes out of the studio. Their frequent illustrative work, common in branding projects, is provocative and adds a special touch to each identity. They provide utmost trademark online assistance to their clients all over the world. Having the definitive copyrights to their customer’s brand and its assets is the prime relief. They make sure that their client do not suffer any legal hassles. They provide you fastest turnaround assistance and help you get your trademark registered in no time. Trademark Terminal fortifies your business and gives you a clear way to make the countless progress and achieve success.

2.Trademark Falcon

Trademark Falcon develops brands starting with efficient strategies. They focus on the fields of graphic identity, naming and packaging. They take pride in their work methodologies to transport brands beyond the conventional. They truly understand how hard it is to maintain a successful brand or business that establishes a prominent mark in the industry. That is why, Trademark Falcon takes great care to protect the name of customer’s business or brand and make the procedure as efficient, comprehensible, and reasonable as possible. When you keen to find trademark for your business, they provide everything from trademark registration to branding and logo.

3.Rocket Lawyer

This multidisciplinary agency offers branding, web and architecture services. With a fresh and contemporary vision, Parameter operates under guidelines of less is more to create brands, especially in the area of ​​food and drink. The legal services they offer are nearly limitless.

4.JPG Legal

JPG Legal is old, disruptive and in exponential expansion. Thanks to its work discipline, professional guidelines and powerful ideas, it grows to be among the best branding agencies all over the world. Their approach is holistic, geared towards growth, creating success stories and knowing that you can always be better. They have developed a prominent mark in the industry by offering customer-oriented services.

5.Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig

Dunlap, Bennet & Ludwig (DBL) is basically a highly experienced law agency. Although initially conceived with a clear inclination for design, DBL has grown to be a comprehensive and trans-disciplinary branding agency. Their approach is decidedly global, since more than 80% of the projects they carry out are for international clients. They specialize in creating spaces; their best projects are for cafes, restaurants and stores, where they bring out their passion for architecture. They are known for their top-notch trademark registration and branding services.

6.Online Trademark Attorneys

With offices situated in different counties, Online Trademark Attorneys is an architecture and branding studio that has worked with boutique hotels, restaurants, commercial spaces, and museums around the world. They do branding with a wide repertoire of tools. They work with industrial design and interior design to make complete, contextual and narrative creations. The two partner Brett and Alex decided to create this agency to offer individuals and business typhoons with their intellectual property needs and provides the most reasonable trademark registration services.

7.Gerben Law Firm

Gerben Law firm consist of the branding people specialize in striking visual projects. Their creative process is finely articulated to deliver coherent design solutions that audiences will love. They have been serving in this industry for years and have successfully registered more than 4,500 trademarks so far. Their cost is affordable and their services are 100% customer-oriented.

8.The Trademark Firm

The Trademark Firm’s consummate professionalism is something few agencies can boast about. They are an undeniable benchmark for branding and trademark registration, not to mention their strong international presence. They pride themselves on their unique proposition and meticulous visual record of their projects. In addition to branding, they also boast interactive design, architecture and interior design works.

9.Legal Zoom

Legal Zoom operates internationally in the most important cities of the world. They create striking visual products prioritizing a deep understanding of context and concept. You can easily own the exclusive rights to your business or brand names, slogans, and logos. Work with Legal Zoom and build a powerful brand with the trademark symbol. They also offer conventional services and makes it easier for you to sue those who steal your mark.


Before branding and trademark registration, The United States Patent and Trademark Office does innovations. With a very respectable portfolio of clients, they opt for disruptive projects from true visionaries who are leading change in their respective markets. This agency also has a section dedicated to assisting people to select the correct goods or services category for their trademark. If you don't select the correct category of your products, your trademark may not be protected in your industry in future.

How to choose a trademark registration or branding agency?

The first decision to make is not to choose the agency itself, but to specify what the needs and possibilities of the brand are. By delimiting these factors, it is possible to proceed to target the agency that most closely matches what the brand needs.

Not all companies have the same needs and not all projects are suitable for all agencies. First you have to be very clear about what you need before asking yourself who can give it to you.

If you have already narrowed down to a moderate number of agencies, it is best to research them to get to know them better. It is important to take into account their portfolio, creativity, experience in the project area, reputation and client references.

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