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Top 10 Universities in Canada for Computer Science 2020

Computer Science has witnessed an increase in the job market over recent years. It is one of the highest-paying professions in the world due to the high demand for information security analysts and programmers. Computer science is one of the most popular fields of study in the world.

Canada is one of the top study abroad destinations when it comes to Computer science and related fields. Did you know, Software developers and computer science candidates are preferred during Canada’s Express Entry Immigration selection! According to the Times Higher Education,

“Canada has strong representation in the computer science subject ranking, with 12 institutions.”

Top Universities for Computer Sciences in Canada for International Students

Are you interested in pursuing your degree in Computer Science in Canada? If yes, then we are here to help you make a decision. Here are the top 10 best universities in Canada offering world-class Computer science programs.

1. University of Toronto

Topping the list of the best universities in Canada for Computer Science is the University of Toronto. The University of Toronto is ranked among the top 25 universities in the world and is famous for its Computer Science course. It is one of the oldest fields in the university with more than 50 years. The University of Toronto has seen an increase in international enrolment in recent years.

2. University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is famous for having one of the oldest computer science departments in Canada. Computer Science department was founded in the year 1968 and is one of the leading research institutions in the country. It is also one of the most beautiful campuses in Canada.

The university offers multiple specializations in computer sciences at the master’s level, including special integrated programs like Combined Major in Business and Computer Science. If you wish to pursue a combined master’s degree, this is the best option for you in Canada. So, get in touch with a Study abroad consultant in Islamabad and secure your admission on scholarship.

3. University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is one of the best computer science schools in the world. The university faculty consists of industry specialists through which students get industry exposure and on-field practice. The University of Waterloo is famous for its co-op education, which allows students to graduate with up to 2 years of work experience.

It is an excellent option for international students as the university is located in the heart of the tech district in Canada, so students have access to local companies and the newest technology.

4. University of Montreal

The University of Montreal is a French-language university situated in the city of Montreal and is one of Canadas top research universities. The Department of Computer Science and Operations Research (DIRO) is one of the first university-level department of computer sciences. It offers four bachelor’s and master’s degree options.

5.  McGill University

McGill is one of the top universities in the world, as is regarded as one of the best universities in Canada for its computer science department. It has the second largest research funding in Canada. The university offers 10 program options in computer sciences and provides multiple work opportunities to its students so they can get valuable on-job experience.

6. University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is situated in Edmonton, Canada. Its department of computer science is one of the largest and oldest in the country. It was founded in the year 1964 – a decade before the first personal computer was invented. The department of computer sciences offers multiple courses in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, and Computer Graphics.

7.  Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University is one of the best Computer Sciences schools in Canada. The university has a large international student body accounting for 20% of the students. It is internationally recognized for its research-oriented programs and state-of-the-art facility. It is one of the most popular options amongst students because the school offers more than 200 work placement opportunities to its graduates.

8. McMaster University

McMaster University is Canada’s top research-intensive universities that offer its students professional education through an interdisciplinary approach. The university’s computer science programs are hosted by its Engineering department. This way, students are exposed to more than just programming.

Students get to learn machine learning, information systems, algorithms, and much more. It also offers students to customize their degrees up to 40% by choosing their own electives. Graduates of McMaster are promised a 100% employment rate, so contact the study abroad consultants in Islamabad and start preparing your applications.

9. University of Ottawa

Just like McMaster, the Computer science program at the University of Ottawa is hosted by its School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.  Due to this merger between computer science and engineering, students can opt for several specializations. The university has more than 31 percent, international students. The university has partnered with other institutions in Canada, which allows students access to wider research facilities.

10.  Carleton University

Located in Ottawa, Ontario, the University of Carleton started its School of Computer Sciences in 1980. Carleton offers various specializations in computer science, data and internet security, game development, and programming. It also offers multiple internship and research fellowship opportunities to international students.

Canada – Study at Top Education Destination 

These are some of the best universities in Canada for Computer Science. Canada has one of the most promising and easiest student visa systems in the world. It is the best international education destination for international students due to its best universities and high living standards.

So, consult a professional to learn more about your options for studying Computer Science in Canada and help in application preparation.

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