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TOP 10 Video Production Companies in Dubai

We know that you make a great effort to generate quality content for your audience on all your social networks and website. Therefore, today in Applications and Technology we show you which the best video production companies are.

Have you ever thought that what your brand needs to continue growing is to implement a strategy with quality Video content? Perhaps an advertisement about who you are as a company or the description of one of your products is what you need to boost your brand.

You can also think about storytelling, an effective strategy to generate engagement in your audience and add a lot of value to it.

In any case, to carry out this type of project you must have the experience of professionals in the video production area, for this, we have created a list with the 10 most important video production companies in Dubai.

You can turn to any of the video production companies named in this list, but first, we are going to describe to you what the basic principles of video production are.

Basic principles of Video Production

It is probably not you who will do the filming or post-production of the material, but it is always necessary to have knowledge in this area if you are going to integrate them into your communication strategy.

Among the basic principles that all video production companies probably take into account are the following:

The lighting

Depending on the narrative intention, the light plane to be used must be taken into account, for this a prior report must have been made where it is described what is to be communicated and what reactions they want to generate in the public.

Camera movements

Including camera movements in the production will convey a higher quality to the video production material.

Using a tripod

Although it is valid to use or not a tripod in productions, it depends on the intention of the message, for brand filming it is more convenient to use it because it will provide a stable image in view of the viewer.

The 10 most outstanding video production companies in Dubai

Now, let's start with the description of each of the video production companies.

1. DOTMOTIONS, Top branding and Video Production Company in Dubai

At Dotmotions they are specialists in the creation of brands and they are also in charge of the direction and production of all kinds of video production material for their clients.

From advertising spots, corporate videos, documentary direction, script creation, storytelling short films, among others. If you want your company to have the appropriate video content for your networks and website, Dotmotions can help you with your projects.

2. EOV Media Group, video production company and aerial filming

Are you looking for video production companies that do aerial filming? This is undoubtedly EOV Media Group, which has a great filming team to tackle any video project and they have knowledge about the current regulations regarding aerial filming.

With EOV Media Group you can film all the video production pieces you want, from commercials, cinema, television, to event recordings for any type of company.

3. Doleep Studios, Video production and animation

At Doleep Studios they offer the production, post-production and animation service to clients who are located anywhere in the world, since they have a large network of collaborators willing to work on any video project.

Doleep Studios was founded in 2008 in Dubai and since then it has done hundreds of video works for important brands such as Xbox, Garnier, KFC, and CR7 among others. Without a doubt, it is one of the most important video production companies in Dubai.

4. TheCompanyFilms, video production company

This constantly growing agency offers its audience a 5-star service. At TheCompanyFilms specialists in creating digital marketing strategies to make brands grow and within their strategies they include video production to provide a differentiating attribute to their clients.

At TheCompanyFilms they create and produce video production pieces under the direction of the best professionals in the video production field.

5. Film District Dubai, video production company

Film District Dubai does the production and post-production of any video material, but unlike other agencies, it specializes in works with 2D and 3D graphics.

They do your projects from the beginning, they create the idea, they propose it to you, they do the filming and finally they give you the material so that you can use it as you see fit. Film District Dubai is an agency that has its own recording studio, editing and voice-over rooms at its facilities in Dubai.

6. Video Panda, marketing agency and video production company

Among the best video production companies, you cannot miss the one that ensures the return on any investment, it is Video Panda, as its name says, and it ensures a return on each effort you make in your company.

To guarantee this, produce the commercials or any video production you need with the most persuasive messages on the market. This is one of the most creative agencies today.

7. Savvy Animations LLC, video production company

At Savvy Animations LLC they start from the premise that if your company includes the video within the promotional material, it will gain greater visibility and will make all the attributes of the brand and its products known in a more original way.

At Savvy Animations LLC, they propose the creation of videos as an effective communication tool, which allows to reach users more effectively.

8. Four Quadrant Films, Video production and graphic design agency

They have been in the market for more than 10 years and more than 200 satisfied clients with any of the services offered by this agency called Four Quadrant Films.

Its multidisciplinary team can carry out any project that you propose, from designs of all kinds of arts to the production of advertising spots for your products, or filming of corporate videos and institutional events.

In his work team are the editors with the most experience, who will give that professional touch to each video you need for your company.

9. Interactivv Animation Studio, aerial Video production

Within the Interactivv Animation Studio recording team they have drones to film any project that is presented to them. Its pilots are certified by AESA (State Agency for Aviation Safety), so you can be sure that the material will be excellent.

At Interactivv Animation Studio they develop all kinds of Video productions and provide the post-production service, but if you wish, you can keep the raw material to use it on the occasions you require.

10. Street Inc., social media content and video production company

Street Inc. has more than 10 years of experience offering its service as one of the most outstanding video production companies. Among its clientele are brands such as Huawei, Colgate and National Geographic.

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