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Top 10 Websites to Book Budget Hotels Online

Travel is all about going far away from a mundane daily routine to experience fun and relaxation. Traveling is not always expensive, especially if you are an expert in finding the best deals.

By receiving an exciting deal on a hotel, you can end up buying hundreds of dollars. Many travelers book a hotel from its website. But do you have ever asked yourself if it is the best thing to do? Is there any better option to make more saving? Here we are to tell you about the top ten websites to book budget hotels online.

This site is truly convenient to use. A substantial low-price guarantee is one of its unique features. It has presence in 228 countries. More than 1, 550, 000 room nights are booked everyday via this website.

Rating: has mixed reviews online. On, it has got a rating of 3.2. The websites has multiple choices for bundling cars and flights with your hotel. However, it offers no rewards program

Amenities Offered: If you can find a site offering the same reservation at a lower advertised price, promises to refund the difference within 24 hours before the date you check in. The point to note here is the offer should be made available online as well as at checking the time by the The site allows you to book hotels, hostels, vacation homes, B&Bs, home-stays, villas, and boats from here.

Discounts: offers discount up to 50% off promo codes across different seasons and occasions. They have attractive discount offers in both summer and spring.


Excellent filtering options

Amazing guarantee for price matching

Allowing you to book other facilities such as hostels or B&Bs

Its hotel search engines always showing total expenses (excluding taxes)


No elite night credits or loyalty points as a reward.

You will not get any price-related updates on their website.

Best Time to Book: As it is an online site, you can easily book a hotel at your convenient time.

Price Range: It produces search results for a wider range of budgets, thereby meeting the needs of millions.  The website is generous in ensuring low-price guarantee for its potential clients.

This Online Hotels Booking Website has been around now for quite some. In case you are a bit flexible about your bookings and if you are not too rigid about booking the exact hotel that you want to book then this might be the ideal site for you to save both money and time. The website is most popular in the United States of America.

Rating: According to, the website has got a rating of 3.6. The website offers good service for finding cheap hotel rooms but unlike other leading hotel booking websites, it is not extremely helpful.

Amenities Offered: The website offers opaque bookings. This means that you would know the exact hotel only when the booking is complete. While doing the Hotel Booking Online here you would be able to see the Hotel's ratings, along with its neighbourhood and amenities. The Hotwire Hot Rate is a feature on this site which can help you save big money if you are flexible. If you also avail their vacation packages where users need to book both hotels and flights together you can make big savings.

Discount: The website offers hefty discount up to 60% on buying packages, rental cars and other deals.


You can get the best hotel deals.

Vacation packages enable you to save big money.

Low Price Guarantee: If you get to know a lower advertised price of the same room you are to book within 24 hours, then the website would match it.


Marriott Hotels and Hyatt Hotels are some hotel chains which offer discounted member rates. You would not be able to see such hotel rates on Hotwire.

The website does not allow you to filter by accommodation type.

Best Time to book: Since this is an online hotel booking portal you could book your hotel or travel package any time as per your convenience.

Price Range: You can expect a wide range of hotel to book from. It could include the low price hotels as well as some higher ranged ones as well.

This website is very user-friendly since it does not deal with a whole lot of travel services like car rentals, cruises and so on. It offers only hotels and air package deals through which you

Can the best price hotels. The website receives 60 million unique visitors every month. The website has presence in America, Europe, Japan, Australia and Middle East.

Rating: On, has been awarded a rating of 3.4. This hotel booking website provides good service. It also offers rewards program that allow the clients to enjoy free nights. 

Amenities offered: the best part of this hotel booking portal is that it has a very lucrative rewards program. If you are to stay at a hotel booked through this website for 10 nights you could get 1 night free. You can quite easily redeem you redeem the rewards points earned without any major restrictions.

Discount: offers a wider range of coupons. Some offers allow you to get up to 80% discounts on promo code.


The main attraction of booking through this website is its lucrative reward program

The website is a “Members Only” one thus there is secret pricing which is visible only to the members.


You would not be able to enjoy the loyalty or elite night credits from the hotel’s rewarding program if you book through this website.

The site does not help the travellers book cars.

Best Time to Book: You can book almost anytime at your convenience since this is an online portal which you can access and book at any time.

Price range: You can avail a wide range of hotels to book from through this website which could be from the most Luxurious hotels to the most budget accommodations.

Kayak is basically a Meta Search Engine for different Travel deals. It has a really user-friendly interface. This would help you with the various hotel booking rates in one place. This enables you to compare and decide easily.

Kayak is most popular in the United States. It enjoys strong presence across Europe as well. The website is also active in Australia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Rating: On, has earned a rating of 2.5.

Amenities Offered: The best part of this Booking site is it's easy to use interface. Apart from the useful filtering options which are present, there is also a very useful map feature too. This map appears on the left-hand side of the search result page. This is what would give you a detailed map of your destination city you can thereafter easily decide on which to book cheap hotels online if that is what you are looking for.

Discount: At, you may expect to get discounts up to 40% on certain deals. Such discounts are available throughout the year.


It has a very user-friendly interface

The map feature available is really useful.


Often on the initial searches not always the cheapest hotels appear in results unless you specifically search by filtering for the cheapest price.

You won’t be able to book a cruise via their service.

Best Time to Book: You can make your bookings at any time because this is a really user-friendly website which offers the convenience of booking from anywhere at any time.

Price Range: It is true that you could avail a wide range of hotels available at different rates, But while booking makes sure that you have filtered correctly to suit your specific needs.

With a focus on Asia, this travel portal basically started as a hotel booking site. But overtime, it has secured global coverage. It is true that this site is not really useful if you are specifically looking to book flights and other services but worth looking at for accommodations.

Rating: On, has got a rating of 1.4. Some travellers complain that they have worst experience of booking via Agoda. Like others, it is not a complete booking service though counted among top ten hotel booking websites.

Amenities: This website is the one which offers a great range of well-located places to stay at. In fact, you can use Agoda even if you want to search for the best hostels and private houses if you are to have an extended stay at any place. This is also definitely one of the best websites to book hotels.

Discount: Travellers can expect to get up to 30% discount on booking.


It offers great search functionality for searching accommodations

You could look into some unconventional Accommodation options for extended stays


You cannot benefit from any loyalty program

There is insider trading which might lack proper transparency.

You are not allowed to rent cars via their service.

Many travellers believe that Agoba provide poor quality service and reasons for booking cancellation are seldom properly explained.

Best Time to Book: You can book through this website at any time based on your convenience.

Price Range: You could choose from a wide range of accommodation options which includes non-traditional ones for extended stays.

When it comes to Hotel Booking Websites then this is the one which is definitely there in the forefront. Much like all other online hotels booking site, this too offers plenty of search options and also hotel rates which are generally good but need not always be great.

Rating: On, this website has acquired a rating of 3.4. Apart from providing cheap deals, the website also awards $50 for finding a lower offer.

Amenities Offered: The best part about Expedia is its Rewards Program. Besides this is a website which you can join for free. You can also earn valuable points while booking on your travel. You could also book flights but the reward program works much better when it comes to earning a better rate.

Discount: The website offers up to 50% discount of various deals. Travellers can avail these offers round the year.


Expedia’s Rewarding Program

You can find your hotels in a hassle-free manner


While booking through this website you cannot earn the hotel’s own reward or loyalty points.

Not all the bookings are eligible for a refund following cancellations.

Best Time to Book: You can book through Expedia at any time. The user-friendly web portal enables you to book hotels and flights at anytime from anywhere.

Price Range: Much like most leading Best Price Hotels Online Applications this site too offers a wide range of hotels at good rates.

Trip Advisor is for sure one the most reliable travel portal which is mainly renowned for authentic reviews. It has a feature which enables the travelers to click amateur photos and upload them on their website so that you get a complete feel of the hotel and rooms.

They have international presence, with more than 315 million reviewers. The US-based company is popular throughout the world.

Rating: On, has got rating of 6.6 on a scale of 10. Of all those, who received hotel booking service via this website, 70% has rated them as excellent.

Amenities offered: Trip Advisor's general search function by itself is highly advanced which by itself shows some of the best deals from various travel websites. Here as a user, you would get the ability to research hotel reviews and at the same time compare the hotel rates from different hotel websites.

Discount: 30-35% discount on hotel booking deals is available throughout the year on this website.


It is one of the best websites to book hotels online which shows the reviews given by travellers who have stayed at the hotels and thus very trustworthy.


It is seen that the rates shown here may vary as the rates displayed are usually exclusive of taxes.

Best Time to Book: This is a very popular travel site which enables you to book hotels at anytime from anywhere 

Price Range: This is a travel site which offers a wide range of prices where you can not only book the best cheap hotels online but also the more expensive ones as well.

This is definitely a top hotel booking site which makes use of a very efficient Meta Search tools to find out the best hotel deals from many resources.

They receive more than 2 million deals from more than hundreds of hotel chains and travel websites.

Ranking: On, Hotels Combined has amassed an incredible rating of 9.1. Of all clients, 84% of travellers are of the view that offers top-notch service.

Amenities offered: This website is one which would provide Search results with multiple options from the same source. You get a wide range of search options likely to meet your specific travel needs.

Discount: Want to get 70% discount of hotel booking deals? Book hotels via You will hopefully get such deals almost throughout the year.


The website has huge search volumes which can help you with the broad search of hotels to choose from.

Great site for booking the last minute travel deals


Is not the best website in regard to the hotel rates displayed?

Best Time to book: Through Hotels Combined you can book at any time based on your specific convenience and time.

Price Range: This Travel is not only good to book budget hotels online but also the more expensive ones too.

In terms of Hotel Booking Websites Priceline is one of the leaders in terms of its visual design and appeal. The rates and deals displayed on this travel site are at par with the ones which are offered by similar hotel booking websites and applications.

Rating: On, it has acquired rating of 3.2. According to some customers, customer service is really good whereas others beg to differ.

Amenities Offered: This website has very unique travel features which are known as the “Name Your Own Price” along with “Express deal”. These are what can help you enjoy a great trip within your travel budget,

Discount: You can always get 10% discount on their package. At times, the discount jumps to 40% or even more.


It has a great visual appeal which would give you an ability to make the right bookings at the right time.


You may not always get the best travel deals.

Customer service is not great according to many.

It does not offer resort fee amounts in their bidding.

Best time to book: Much like all other best websites to book hotels, online here too you can book your hotel at any time during your convenience.

Price Range: You get a wide range of choices to choose from in regard to hotels and other travel deals.

If you are looking for comprehensive Travel Packages like flights, hotels, cars, and cruises then Travelocity is one of the best travel booking sites.

The American travel agency receives travellers from all over the world. However, it is most popular in its home country.

Rating: On, the site has got a poor rating of only 1.4. lack of transparency is a big issue with many travellers.

Amenities offered: it is a great website which offers comprehensive deals right from accommodation, flights, cars, cruises, etc. They offer very flexible deals which are not always available on the hotel's website which you book.

Discount: 10-15% offer is available in summer, sprint and other times of the year. Flat discounts are also offered.


It offers a Price- Match Guarantee

You have a Lower member rate guarantee on certain Hotels


You do not earn loyalty points as in case of other travel portals

Overall Package rates might be higher in comparison to other Online Travel Agencies

Best Time to Book: You can book various travel deals at any time based on your personal convenience.

Price Range: You get a wide range of choices in terms of hotels and other travel deals.

Go through the details on these websites and get the best deals as per your budget.

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