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Top 12 Things need to be Considered while Choosing an e-commerce Payment Gateway

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Technology has changed drastically, as it comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. E-commerce websites have become quite popular ways to make money and sell a wide range of products in today's time. We all wish to open eCommerce platforms, but providing a safe and secure transaction to their customers is quite challenging. Those who want to start a secure payment gateway are needed to find a perfect global payment gateway, considering the customer's convenience as well as keeping your e-commerce payment gateways safe. 

However, the choices you make for online payment gateways could directly or indirectly impact the overall customer experience. This makes online e-commerce platforms a top priority for customers and digital upfront. 

Top 10 E-commerce Payment Gateways 

  • Braintree
  • PayU
  • Amazon Payments
  • Authorise.Net
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • 2 CheckOut
  • Stripe
  • OrangePay
  • BlueSnap

According to Paypers Payment Method Report, by the end of 2019, nearly 2.1 billion consumers will use an eWallet to either make a payment or send money. (View)

Digital Payment gateway providers offers a wide range of solutions that are transmitting transactions, securing transactions, or providing services by encrypting user data. While choosing the payment gateways for your eCommerce site, make sure it meets all your requirements and takes feedback on a timely basis. Here are the few things that need to be considered while choosing the e-commerce payment gateways.

1. Choose the Appropriate Payment Flows

Keep your business growing rapidly; the payment needs to be scaled effortlessly by setting-up the payment gateways that let the customers pay directly to the merchant. By selecting the most appropriate e-commerce payment gateways, they offer the following options to make payments hassle-free.

The primary payment options are:

  • A website with an integrated payment form
  • Redirect to payments or iFrame
  • Escrow system

2. Choosing the Correct Product

Nowadays, whenever we are talking about online shopping or services, payment gateways are required in every possible way. Good payment options allow customers to buy products and services through integrated payment gateways. It includes credit cards, debit cards, and other electronic transactions. You should understand how adaptable your payment system is while choosing the right service and keeping its protection in mind.

3. Make Your Customer Feel Safe and Secure

Today, more customers are turning to online shopping, and now it's essential to offer them those services that balance and make them familiar with popular sites. Many consumers don't know that they are temporarily routed to a third-party website while conducting transactions. Make sure that your system offers comprehensive security features when choosing a payment gateway with anti-fraud protections.

4. Ensure Effective Transactions

If you use a third-party shopping cart with an inscription process, make sure to deliver it an optional variable that makes secure Checkout. Likewise, the gateway to payment will allow you to remove unnecessary fields for easy Checkout, boosting the conversion by 50%.

5. Easy Checkout for all Devices

E-commerce sales have been growing rapidly in the past few years due to technological advancement. When assessing your payment gateway options, ensure that you can provide an active checkout interface that is responsive to mobile devices and changes depending on the size and resolution of the platform.

6. Multiple Options to Choose 

Depending on your business needs, payment gateway service providers offer several features. For example, if you need to sell your products and services internationally, your online payment gateway should be able to accept a number of different countries-based cards and other payment integrations. 

7. Easy Integration Process

It is essential to incorporate payment processing into your website when conducting a financial procedure. In many instances, the ideal solution is to choose a company to send the customer to the third-party site for account data that needs to be entered. Once the transaction is complete, the service provider sends it back to your online site.

8. Recurring Billing

It allows you to set up an automatic billing process for registration-related clients. For businesses with monthly payment plans, recurring billing is an absolute necessity. In addition, non-profits have found value in frequent billing, as this feature helps organizations to raise funds from regular contributors efficiently.

9. Mobile Payments 

Payment gateways allow customers to transfer money using their mobile phones with the aid of mobile payments, either with a branded app or with a web-optimized platform. Although this is a feature provided by the authorized portal for payment, it operates similarly and provides the same security measures.

10. Customer Support

Several payment systems provide no customer support. Users need to follow manual instructions in this situation to fix a problem. Check whether the provider offers live technical support, at least during standard working hours, to avoid this situation, so that you can fix any technical problems quickly.

11. Currencies The need for global marketplace payment gateways is important for dealing with international clients. To improve customer experience, payment provisions in multiple currencies and alternative payment methods are required.

12. Secure Data  Encryption

While selecting any platform the one must ensure its reliability and check the payment card security services compliances. It helps the customer to protect their data and other personal information, this may also turn favorable for companies as it builds a strong customer relationship with customers.


Payment Gateways are nowadays a convenient method to settle transactions, as the reach of the internet has increased, everyone is now purchasing and buying goods and services all around the world. As these e-commerce payment gateways expand, makes online payment transactions safer, it also reduces the physical transactions and enhances paperless transactions worldwide. You need to make sure that it is not only choosing the best payment gateways services but also to give its users peace of mind when making payments.

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