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Top 3 Best Electrical Wall Plates in India 2020

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As minute and trivial, these little switch walls may seem, electrical wall plates are essential in controlling the floor of electricity and also take a critical role in your home decor too. 

If your wall plates do not complement your wall colour, they will look off and hence ruin your decor too.

Besides this, they also help in protecting your fingers by keeping the wires for the switch out of sight. Hence, they are also called switch plates. With a wide variety of colours and materials to choose from, decorative wall plates can complement the decor of any room. There are lots of brands in India that provide switchboards in India, all different when it comes to operation, function and look. 

Over the years, these brands have proven to be the best in all three areas. They are now reliable and trustworthy; one can vouch for their quality and gained the trust of millions of Indians who can trust these brands to light up their homes and offices. 

They are available in varying sizes, shapes and colours, united only by their functionality. Let us have a look at some of the top switch brands in India.

IndoAsian’s Glint and Elvira Collection

Your modern house and modular lifestyle needs the Glint collection of switch plates by IndoAsian. You can also enjoy up to 70% while installing these flexible switches and sockets. 

They offer a selection that lasts longer because IndoAsian uses UV-stabilized, higher-grade materials. Their plates are proven more substantial because of the unique honeycomb design, and in-house manufacturing guarantees complete quality control.

The other collection by IndoAsian is Elvira. Elvira range is feature-rich and carefully designed, delivering superior aesthetics and more excellent durability. They make sure that only LED is used in their indicators, which have diffusers that spread light evenly. You can now save your time and effort with sockets that can be installed without tools. 


Legrand is known for their beautifully crafted plates & frames that provide a sturdy and elegant look to all your wiring devices. Designed with detail, these frames highlight the contour and never let your wall look dull. 

Simple, sophisticated, and functional – their wiring accessories add a touch of class to your lifestyle. Their range of switches and switch plates are made in line with international safety standards. It is ranking in one of the best electrical switch plates in the market for its genuinely high-quality products. Coming at a higher price than most, it promises to give you a classic and unique look with a touch of modernity.


Any blog without the mention of Havells electronics will be incomplete. Its innovative technology is present in around 50 countries of the world. These wall plates are created with refined craftsmanship, premium engineering and have an ultramodern aesthetic appeal.

Their Frameio front plate is of premium chrome finish bezel and has a slim & sturdy design. The sleek and classic aesthetic of it will Match to any interior. 

There are various electronic devices which require switches that can operate with high voltage electric power too. So whether you’re looking at electric components for your home or office, make sure you check these brands out as they top the charts.

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