Top 3 IT Certifications to Build Your Career

MB-210 Certification

Arguably, the IT sector is one of the fastest-growing industries. It is competing for many other industries in business and has the potential to groom due to its daily advancements. For an individual, it is a great sphere to choose a pathway and build a successful career. In the IT world, huge opportunities are waiting to be tapped. However, just like every other career path, there is a need to develop skills and understand rudiments that will help you work efficiently for your industry.

Why Certification Is Crucial?

In IT, it is very crucial to earn a certification. Certification will help you in building a career path. What is a certification and why it is crucial? Certification is an independent endorsement. Certification indicates that you have the skills to perform a specific task that is related to your niche.

Many IT professionals have to work with  specific technical software or a specific procedure. Certification will make sure for the employer that if you get hired, you have clear-cut skills to perform optimally on the job. Earning a certification can make you stand out of the crowd and clear the obstacles in the hiring path.

What are the Education Requirements?

Getting a certification doesn’t require any academic background. This is an amazing fact that anyone who is willing to start a career in an IT field can start it by doing a specific certification. In information technology, you just know how to do things related to your job. Even prerequisite exams are also not required to start doing a certification. Getting certification is a plus that will help you get hired soon and groom your career.

MB-210 is an exam for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales that will help you start your career as a Microsoft CRM Specialist. No theoretical background is required to start  certification. The great thing about certifications is, studying duration of certification is really short. This makes certifications better than degrees. Not only this but when preparing for your exams, the study material is also very least. For instance, if you are preparing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales MB-210, dumps can help you prepare your exam. There is no need to learn the whole syllabus.


How this Article can Help?

Here in this article, we are making the process simple and easy for you to understand. Some of the top-world certifications we are going to discuss that will help you kick start your career and become an IT expert. The purpose of this article is to explain about certifications that an employee can do to become an expert. If you want to start a groundbreaking career in the world of IT, IT certifications are perfect for you either you are with little or no knowledge of IT. No experience for IT is required for these certifications as they start from basic and make you an expert.

1- Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA):

Cisco is a tech giant in the IT field of Networks. CCNA is its basic lower-level certification. CCNA explains many things about networking i.e how to install and operate switches and routers. Not only this, but it also explains many things about troubleshooting and provides in-depth training on networking protocols like the Spanning Tree Protocol.

Cisco Certified Network Associate can troubleshoot common problems in any network. CCNA is a generic term. There are further variations in the syllabus of course according to the market demand for voice, security and wireless networking. Many employers are always looking for fresher with this specific certification. You can open many doors of opportunities after doing this certification.

Studying and the certification process is very easy and interesting. You can become a Cisco Certified Network Associate by just passing a 90-minute CCNA exam of Cisco. Every year almost 8,000 jobs get published over the internet for CCNA only. CCNA job titles are not limited but here we are mentioning some for you to understand job titles after doing CCNA.

Network Engineer

Network Support Engineer

System Administrator

2- Netork+:

Network+ is a globally recognized certification. After getting certified an individual can easily manage, design and troubleshoot various and wired network problems. On the configurations of wired, wireless and other latest technologies, an individual has to pass a 90-question examination to get this certification.

All over the world, the demand for this certification is very high. Every year minimum of 5,500 jobs get posted on the internet for this particular certification. If you are willing to avail this certification, here are some of the job titles you are going to get after this certification.

IT Specialist

Helpdesk Technician

Information Technology Technician

3- Apple Certified Associate (ACA):

3rd largest computer vendor in the United State of America is Apple. Getting Mac users integrated into the traditional IT environment that is based on windows, is the main focus of Apple Certified Associate certification. Apple made it very easy for the students who want to get this certification. You can take this certification from your home online. This exam is very convenient for every you can do it from your home, no one has to appear physically on the venue to attempt the exam.

Its study material is also very easy that you can read and understand yourself, even without the help of any instructor. You can download its study material free from the Apple Website. Its study material is a fifty-page PDF document. Its exam fee is also very low that anyone can afford easily.

What is Your Decision?:

Attempting exam and earning any of these highly sought certifications will go a long way and put you in the right and your desired position. You can start a great career in the information technology industry with any of these certifications. These are starter packs, you can go further and enhance your concepts with advance certifications of these basics.

Give yourself an edge in this competitive industry by getting any of the above-mentioned certifications. IT is a growing industry and it will not stop as new technologies are disrupting the industry day by day. You will never regret your decision after entering in this industry. Your advancing career in the IT industry will never let you down. Your academic background is inconsequential for these certifications. What you need to do to get these certifications is, will and strong decision. Start a bright career in Information Technology with the right decision at the right time.

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