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Top 3 Reasons Businesses Outsource B2B Lead Generation

Have you ever been 13 hours deep into a DIY home project only to realize that after a hefty investment, some spectacularly frustrating mistakes, and unrelenting back pain that you’re in way over your head? You were assured by some hipster, HGTV-style YouTuber with 50k subscribers that this was an “easy” weekend project, but now it’s clear that his 10 years of experience gives him the ability to play fast and loose with the word “easy.”

B2B lead generation can be a lot like that seemingly simple DIY project. There are plenty of “experts” that want to teach you their “foolproof” strategies but in reality, it’s not something you can learn overnight. Effective lead generation takes years of building processes, tens of thousands of dollars in investments, a dedication only parallel to that of obsession. 

So instead of trying to discover all the cool tips and tricks that may or may not work for your company, let’s go over some of the reasons why businesses use outsourced SaaS lead generation agencies for B2B prospecting.

  1. Save Money

It’s the number one reason you take on a DIY project; you want the luxury look without the luxury price. But in the long run, you spend more money on wasted materials, ancillary tools, and comfort food to soothe the soul after a traumatic experience with an out-of-control nail gun than it would have cost to just hire a professional. (Which you end up doing anyway.)   

Saving money is also one of the number one reasons that businesses attempt to generate B2B leads in-house. Since you are reading this article, I can assume you’re probably having difficulty justifying the return on your investment in your lead generation efforts. You are among the many who agree that it is much harder to uncover sales qualified leads than the infographics and webinars make it seem. 

If you decide to outsource your lead generation, it won’t take long to recognize the savings. Not only are you hiring experienced sales professionals that have mastered the art of finding and converting decision-makers at an extremely affordable rate, but you also gain the programs, software, and marketing analytics that would generally cost thousands of dollars a month to maintain. 

Fortunately, the savings don’t stop here because with the right talent and tools your processes become more cost-effective as well.

  1. Shorten Sales Cycle

Making your way into a decision maker’s inbox is key to landing your ideal account, but in most cases, there’s a formidable assistant blocking every attempt. Nothing will drag your sales cycle into eternity like the world’s best gatekeepers.

Sale executives at lead generation agencies have the training, tools, and tactics necessary to make it to the top and bypass the gatekeeper’s trash bin. By doing this, considerable time is lopped off the sale cycle as hot-and-ready leads are delivered right to your calendar. Not only are you saving time by avoiding the gruelly process of cold prospecting, but you’ll also find that the potential buyers filling up your schedule are knowledgeable and excited about your offer. Naturally, as your sales cycle shortens there is another exciting benefit you can expect to follow...

  1. Accelerated Growth

Don’t worry. Your sales team will not stand idle while the outsourced executives hunt down deals. In reality, what you are doing is freeing your sales team from time-consuming and cost-intensive prospecting so they can be more productive by focusing on intricate business details that have fallen by the wayside. 

For instance, your team will have the ability to research and spend more quality-time with high-value leads resulting in a much better conversion rate. As your client base continues to increase, your team will also have more opportunities to improve customer satisfaction, find innovative ways to upsell and gain referral business.


Outsourcing your B2B lead generation is never an easy choice. It can be difficult to leave the fate of your company’s revenue in another company’s hands. But just like any DIY home project that has a high probability of ending in disaster, so too can trying to take on lead generation tasks that are notoriously more challenging than they look. Take the time to research your options before jumping into an in-house solution, as you may find that the benefits of partnering with an outsource firm far outweigh the costs.

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