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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Solar Screen Shades for Your Windows

Also known as screen shades, solar shades have become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners. If you are wondering what solar shades are, you are in the right place. In this blog, we will outline what solar shades are and if you need them in your life..

So What Are Solar Shades?

Solar screens are a part of the roller shade family. The operational functions of solar shades for windows are pretty similar to that of a roller shade. This means you also have the option to buy cord-free solar shades or motorized solar shades.

The fabric used in manufacturing every custom roller shade is different and unique, it varies depending on the design and the kind of opacity you want. What differentiates solar screen shades from rollers is the material composition. What specifically distinguishes solar screens from solar shades is the range of opacity, which is only available in solar screens.

Most of the fabric used for screen shades are made using fiberglass, polyester, and vinyl. The material composition in solar shades is important.  It allows them to effectively reduce solar heat and glare in order to provide protection against UV damage. Screen shades are specially developed to absorb and reflect back 65 to 90 percent of the sun’s heat.

In addition, solar shades offer a variety of opacities, which is commonly known as the openness factor. The openness factor determines how much light should enter the screens, and how easy it is to see through the shade when it is fully closed. You can choose screen shades that provide an openness factor ranging from 1 to 14 percent. For a higher level of light control, choose a low openness factor. When do you need a solar shade screen for windows?

Getting solar shades might not be suitable for all situations, especially if you want privacy. A solar shade screen is useful in the following scenarios:

1. You Want A View Despite Having East or West-facing Windows

If you have east and west-facing windows, then your best options are blackout roller shades and blackout cellular shades. But with these, you can’t get a view without having to raise the shade. If your window is exposed to direct sunlight and you still want a stunning view, then solar shades for windows are the perfect option.

2. Your Furniture Is Pretty Close To Windows

You know UV rays and furniture are not friends. Due to UV rays damaging effect,  this can result in the discolouration of your furniture. Or worse, these rays can develop cracks in your home.

Now, if you have furniture situated close to your windows, you have to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged. For this, you need to have a window screen, just like solar shades, that can effectively limit UV rays.

3. Your Windows Are Wide

If you have a wide window, be aware of the weight of your shades.. If you are getting screen shades, then you don’t have to worry about this issue because they are comparatively lightweight. Additionally, almost all screen shades can be seamed, which involves a process of heat welding two shades together. This can help increase the height or width of the window that can be covered.

In Conclusion

We can go on and on about how beneficial solar shades are for your windows. They are the perfect solution because they are versatile, practical, and worth every penny you are paying.They can also enhance the appearance of your home!

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